yellow trees, central park

You could be outside smelling the roses or the raindrops.

You could be feeling the sunshine against your skin.

You could be sitting at a lovely bistro, the breeze tugging at your shirt, savoring your scrumptious meal and enjoying some alone time or a loved one’s company.

You could be giggling with friends at a local event.

You could be nestled in one of those gigantic plushy chairs at the bookstore, letting the hours fly by with a good book.

You could be nature-watching, seeing how the trees sway in the wind, listening to the birds sing or observing the flowers flourish.

You could be trying out new adventures.

You could be pursuing your passions.

It just takes stepping outside or picking up the phone to enjoy the earth, your loved ones and your life.

You could be enjoying a warm spa-like bath or a soothing hot shower.

You could be nourishing your body with whole foods, home-cooked meals and other tasty treats.

You could be wearing the clothes and colors that you love.

You could be unwinding and listening to music.

You could be watching a funny movie and laughing your tushy off.

You could be sharing your life with individuals who truly support you.

It just takes remembering that good self-care doesn’t start 10 pounds from now.

You could be sampling a slew of physical activities and selecting the ones that make you smile.

You could be dancing, walking, swimming, stretching your arms and legs or riding your bike in the beautiful weather (or enjoying the crispness of the raindrops).

You could be running a marathon or walking a mile.

It just takes a few wiggles of your feet to start.

You could be doing whatever it is you want in this world, right now, regardless of your weight, shape or size.

Regardless of the state of your body image. You could just start with a small step.