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Life can get overwhelming with its range of responsibilities. It’s easy to feel like you’re just getting by, like you’re treading water but not doing much long-distance swimming. Like you’re just putting out fires but not addressing any long-term plans or goals.

As you’re tackling the items on your to-do list, you might feel like you have little time to work on something as big as building a healthier body image.

And I totally get that. Change isn’t just overwhelming; it takes a lot of work. But that doesn’t mean that small changes don’t count.

Sometimes, especially if we struggle with a negative body image, we adopt an all-or-nothing attitude.

We either make sweeping changes (which can leave us exhausted and quickly burn-out). Or we do nothing, and live like we always have (and likely remain miserable).

Many of us also tend to procrastinate because we either fear failure or, again, we’re too overwhelmed to start. We don’t know what to do, and we feel flustered. We feel paralyzed. I’ve felt this way with everything from exercise to writing to work projects to organizing.

Susannah Conway (who you know I truly admire and quote all the time!) wrote in this post about overcoming the overwhelm and long to-do lists. When she has a lot on her plate, she also feels paralyzed and tends to do nothing.

So her solution is to do one thing every day toward her dreams. She wrote:

I’ve made a deal with myself – I will do either one thing, or work for one hour, towards my dream, every day. That’s it. Just one thing or one hour. The idea is to break through the fear, push past the inertia and overwhelm, and do something, anything, that takes me one tiny step closer to what I want. The rest of the day I can lie on the sofa if I want to (which obviously I wouldn’t do) so long as I do my one thing.

I started this cunning plan at the weekend, and I’m pleased to report that so far it’s working really well. I can’t do everything; I can’t create what I want in a day. But I can do one thing (one thing which morphed into several things today before I even realised what I was doing). I’m also noting down what I do each day in my journal at night, to make the point to my subconscious that it IS possible to do things and move forward, and not slide down into the ‘I’m not good enough, so why bother’ crap that my mind spews out so easily. I’ve had thirty-four years of this fear and it hasn’t worked, so now I’m trying something new.

So today, consider what you could do every day this week to boost your body image, to take better care of yourself. Like Susannah, it can either be one thing or an activity that takes an hour.

For instance, every day this week, you might vow to take a 20-minute walk to clear your head, bask in nature’s beauty and move your body. You might read several pages from your fave body image book or blog.

You might spend a few minutes each day tossing anything that sabotages your progress (such as diet books, “health” publications and clothes that haven’t fit for years). Or you might spend some time researching a therapist and make an appointment this week to work through your body image issues.

There are many ways to start slowly and still build a very positive body image. Just remember to do one thing every day.

What activities will you do this week to boost your body image? What’s your one thing?