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{Lake George; taken with my iPhone}

When it comes to improving our body image, I talk a lot about putting life into perspective and getting out of the body bubble. The bubble that gives you tunnel vision, so all you see are hips, thighs, low-cal foods, calorie counts and women’s magazines.

What I mean about gaining perspective is enjoying the many experiences that life has to offer. Because when we pay close attention to our amazing surroundings, family, friends, hobbies and other favorite things to do, we naturally focus less on our supposed physical flaws.

We get outside of ourselves, and we truly open our eyes.

Today, in the U.S., we’re celebrating Labor Day. I spent part of the long weekend with my family at Lake George, breathing in the mountain air, hiking, lying on a little beach by the lake and just spending as much time as I could outside.

I focused less on what I looked like and more on breathing in these moments, the beautiful moments that turn into beautiful memories.

So this week, get outside! Bask in the great outdoors.

It’ll open your eyes to the beauty all around you.

It’ll help you appreciate your life and realize the many amazing things already there. Which you can enjoy, regardless of how you feel about your weight, shape or size. Regardless of the state of your body image.

Going to the beach was one way that Kim Brittingham finally found self-acceptance. She told me in a Weightless interview:

I also grew by leaps and bounds when I started doing exhilarating things I’d always wanted to do, not hesitating because of how I looked. Here’s what that did for me: it made me value my experience of the world over how other people were experiencing me.

So for example, I started spending a lot more time in the ocean and on the beach, and when I completely got into it and abandoned any thoughts of what other people were thinking about me in my swimsuit, it became the most delicious, fulfilling, sensual experience. Too valuable to let it be ruined by some jerky, judgmental person’s thoughts about my appearance.

Maybe doing exhilarating things will be your first step to a more positive body image and a realization that there’s so much more to life than fixing supposed flaws.

And to inspire you, please watch this video. Every time I see it, I’m in awe. I think you will be, too!

Growing is Forever from Jesse Rosten on Vimeo.

What are your favorite outdoor places? What are your favorite ways to spend a holiday weekend?