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Archives for September, 2011

Body Image

Exercise & Feeling Like An Imposter

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Before college, I'd rarely worked out. So when I finally walked into my university's gigantic gym, I instantly felt like I had rookie exerciser written all over me.

I felt completely out of place.

I'm not an athlete, I'd say to myself. I'm too big. I'm totally not muscular. I can barely run a lap without my shins hurting and my lungs losing too much air. My...
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Binge Eating

Weight Stigma Awareness Week: What You Need To Know

This week is Weight Stigma Awareness Week, sponsored by the Binge Eating Disorder Association (BEDA). I'm thrilled that BEDA is spotlighting weight stigma, because, sadly, it's something that has devastating and far-reaching effects. It's a topic that must be talked about, and BEDA is doing it with compassion, sensitivity and accurate information.

I'm honored to present my interview with the amazing and always wise Marsha Hudnall, RD, MS, CD, who talks about this important...
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Eating & Dieting

How To Nourish Yourself At Mealtime

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I lived alone for several years in my early 20s, and I often felt very alone, especially when it came to dinnertime. I loved the solitude, space, peace and quiet. But I just felt lonely.

I'd eat my meals in front of the TV and spent very little time preparing wholesome foods. I'd throw a few things together and then continue to...
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Body Image

I Am Enough

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I am enough because I have a good heart.

I am enough because I try to make thoughtful decisions.

I am enough because I'm doing good work.

I am enough because I try to make others laugh and smile.

I am enough because I am tolerant and patient.

I am enough because I value my relationships.

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The Beauty Of Food

In our society food has become a villain. A caloric-filled foe. A tease. A treat that we aren't allowed to have, because it'll inevitably go to our thighs, arms, behind or belly.

We curse food with its sinful ingredients of straight-to-your-hips sugars, bloat-inducing sodium or...
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Body Image

30 Things You Can Do Every Day To Boost Your Body Image

Building a positive body image is a daily process. As such, here are 30 tips and tools for cultivating a healthy body image every day. Each booster either directly or indirectly affects your body image.
1. Move your body by doing activities you love. Physical activities help you reconnect with your body, not to mention they're great for your health. This can be taking a walk, stretching in the morning, going...
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