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Last week Jess Weiner’s Glamour article, “Jess Weiner’s Weight Struggle: ‘Loving My Body Almost Killed Me,'” caused quite a stir (and for good reason).

It sparked a debate that had many of us questioning Weiner’s definition of body acceptance communities and what loving one’s body really means.

(By the way, thanks so much to everyone who commented. I appreciate your thoughtful words!)

Today, I thought it’d be fitting to think about what accepting and loving our bodies really means to each of us. It’s a vital conversation because it concerns our well-being and health mentally, physically and emotionally.

So spend some time this week considering what body acceptance and body love signify in your own life. You can even brainstorm a list on paper.

To me loving my body means:

  • feeding it nutrients like my fave fruits and veggies
  • hydrating it properly
  • eating intuitively and mindfully
  • being flexible (so if I overeat sometimes, or feel crummy after a certain food, that’s OK. I note it and move on)
  • moving it with fun physical activities that are either heart-pumping or relaxing
  • but not pushing it toward pain
  • getting enough sleep
  • putting it in clothes that feel good
  • not letting numbers like weight and size rule my life – or even more so, my worth
  • being grateful for what my body does for me on a regular basis
  • not criticizing it, even on days I feel uncomfortable in my own skin
  • visiting various doctors regularly (like the dentist and gyno)
  • pampering it

What does loving your body mean to you? Please share below!