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Archives for July, 2011

Eating & Dieting

Mindful Eating: Making Every Meal An Exciting Experience

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I receive Dr. Michelle May's e-newsletter regularly, and in the latest issue she recounted a story I knew I had to share with you guys because it's definitely a perspective-adjuster - in a vital way.

Dr. May and her husband went to Italy for their 25th anniversary and the best way, she writes, to describe her trip was as "sensuous." Sensuous is, according to...
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Eating & Dieting

Is The Idea Of Health At Every Size Just Permission To Be Fat?

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That's a question that Amy Pershing gets asked a lot! Clearly, it's a testament to the insidious impact of the weight-loss and diet industries. Below Amy offers an eloquent answer.

If you remember, I recently interviewed Amy about binge eating disorder. Check out what she had to say about binge eating myths and challenges of recovery and her own struggles and recovery.

Amy is the executive...
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Eating Disorder

Pippa’s Story Of Eating Disorder Recovery, Part 2

Here is part two of my interview with writer Pippa Wilson. If you didn't get a chance to read part one (do so here!), Pippa recovered from both anorexia and bulimia.

She's author of Letting Go of Ed: A Guide to Recovering from Your Eating Disorder, which will be published this August.

Below, Pippa talks about complete recovery, what inspired her to write her book, the many myths about eating disorders and much,...
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Eating Disorder

Recovering From An Eating Disorder: Pippa’s Story, Part 1

Today, I'm incredibly honored to present my interview with Pippa Wilson. Pippa struggled with anorexia and bulimia, and has been recovered for six years. Her book Letting Go of Ed: A Guide to Recovering from Your Eating Disorder will be published this August.

Below, Pippa talks about her struggles with both eating disorders, her "magical" counselor, two of the toughest parts of recovery and more.

Check out Pippa's blog and...
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Body Image

Top 10 Ways To Move Your Body

Yesterday, I mentioned how much I desperately needed physical activity in my life after a few weeks without it. I really felt out of sorts and very much disconnected from my body.

Then I went to Pilates - and it was like a magical elixir. I walked out feeling so much better than when I sulked in. Sure, I'm a bit sore, but it really made a big difference...
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Body Image

When Stress Strikes: 40 Ideas For Not Succumbing To A Sad Body Image

Lately, I've been having a tough time. My mood has been low, and I haven't been feeling my best. The details don't matter. What does is that I've been feeling down.

And a down mood can easily leave one vulnerable to a down body image.

In other words, when we feel especially tense, anxious, upset, frustrated, confused or exasperated, our body image can suffer.

The answer? Some good coping strategies!

So today...
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