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This Monday, we talked about some helpful questions to ask to assess the state of your body image.

Today, I want to talk about what makes you super duper giddy about your body.

I was reading Julie’s post (that’s Julie of the fantastic blog Beautiful You) on dreams, and she wrote something that struck me.

She writes:

Are your dreams as amazing as you are?

It’s great to have them, but how much are they really inspiring you?

Could your dream possibly just be a goal that requires some of your attention and commitment, or is it actually a dream that will require passion, dedication and S – T – R – E – T – C – H?

Don’t for one moment believe that you should limit your dreams.


So like Julie says about dreams, let’s not talk about what makes you feel iffy, OK or blah about your body.

Instead, let’s think about what makes you over the moon about your body, what makes you feel fantastic, what makes your entire body sing – or dance.

If you’re not there yet, that’s not a problem! Then consider what would make you feel excited about your body. Brainstorm some feel-fantastic activities.

Here’s a list of what makes me feel fantastic, and that might help start you off:

  1. Being surrounded by nature. Something about the breeze and sun against my skin feels incredible. Something about witnessing the beauty of nature and being right there feels exhilarating.
  2. The warrior pose in yoga. I don’t practice yoga as much as I’d like to. I’m totally a newbie. But really many poses in yoga make me feel uplifted, strong and proud of my body.
  3. Putting my legs over my head in Pilates (doesn’t happen often, but when it does, I’m amazed at my body).
  4. Sweating off the stress on the stepper while jamming out to music. Exhilaration is the only way I can describe it.
  5. Lifting weights. No matter how big – or realistically small – the weights are, I still feel like superwoman.
  6. Eating fruit. My entire life, I’ve loved fruit, and it makes my body feel deeply nourished and energized.
  7. Listening to my body, whether that’s answering a hunger or fullness cue or resting when it’s tired. It feels wonderful to listen to my body, because it’s something I never did before. And it’s pleasantly surprising just how freeing and beautiful this feels.
  8. Wearing something that makes me feel both comfortable and pretty. I love fashion, and now, more than ever, I love wearing clothes that complement my body, instead of hiding it.
  9. Pampering myself, such as with a pedicure. I feel like my body is well cared for, and hey, I get giddy to look down and see cute feet. 🙂
  10. Walking or running. Both make me happy, as my legs pound the pavement and I realize what my body can do.

You may notice several patterns or themes in my list: I feel best when I’m moving my body, nourishing it and practicing self-care.

Also, I think it’s important to write down specific statements, because once we know precisely what helps us to feel great about our bodies, we can do more of these things.

Even if we’re busy, we can incorporate at least one makes-my-body-sing activity into our day.

What makes your body image sing? What makes you feel utterly fantastic?

P.S., I’ve written before about the wonderful organization MentorCONNECT, which connects people recovering from eating disorders with mentors who help them through the recovery process. At MentorCONNECT, “relationships replace eating disorders.”

MC is looking for people who are in strong recovery from eating disorders to serve as mentors (that’s 12 consecutive months of sustained, healthy recovery, defined as “largely free from eating disorder thoughts and coping behaviors”). You can learn more here (it’s a PDF).

Also, if you have any questions or you’re interested in being a mentor, please email [email protected]