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5 Body Image Quick Fixes

Mondays can be rough for many of us, and this doesn’t create the ideal environment for building a better body image. To help you turn that around, every Monday features a tip, activity, inspiring quote or some other tidbit to help boost your body image – and kick-start the week on a positive note.

Got a tip for improving body image? Email me at mtartakovsky at gmail dot com, and I’ll be happy to feature it. I’d love to hear from you!

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Last week, I wrote about the importance of loving yourself at your core. This leads to a more positive and stable body image, that doesn’t shake or break based on outside forces, like weight, size or shape (or criticism from some jerk).

But sometimes, we can use a pick-me-up, a quick boost that perks up our body image in a pinch. Or at least makes us pause and say “hmm” the next time we’re being critical.

So what can you do?

Put your body image in a bigger context.

For me, writing helps to do just that. And not just any writing, but writing lists. They don’t take long but they can have a great impact, and get you thinking about positive things.

Below are five lists of fives that I suggest making when you need a body positive quick fix.

You can create a list of:

  1. Five things you love about yourself.
  2. Five things your body can do. (I once made a list of 50!)
  3. Five things you’re grateful for.
  4. Five things that make you happy you’re alive.
  5. Five people who you love (pets included!).

If you’d like, you can pick a topic that means the most to you or write about all five subjects. I think it’s most helpful to consider all five, whether you carve out some time each day this week to write a list, do it all in one day or leave it for the weekend.

Then, you can carry the lists with you in your purse or pocket, or keep them around the house – in some location, where they won’t get lost.

Plus, just sitting down and writing these lists can help bring you out of a body image funk.

This is also a nice activity to do with kids and loved ones.

Since Valentine’s Day is coming up, another idea is to write up the lists for your loved ones, too. Just talk about what you love about them, and what about being around them makes you happy.

What will your list say? What are some things you love about yourself? What are you grateful for? What makes you ecstatic about being on this earth?

P.S., Last week I came across a few blog posts that I think are absolute must-reads. Definitely check out Kendra’s post “The Enough Tyrant & Other Self Doubts” at Voice in Recovery and Julie’s post “What To Do If Your Think Your Child Is ‘Overweight‘” at Beautiful You.

P.P.S., If you live in Texas and sorta close to Houston, check out this free event hosted by MentorCONNECT at Rice University. Eating disorder survivor, author and advocate Jenni Schaefer will be there! Learn more about it from Shannon’s post on her blog Mentoring & Recovery at Psych Central.

5 Body Image Quick Fixes

Margarita Tartakovsky, MS

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