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Around this time of year, many life coaches and bloggers talk about creating one word to encapsulate the following year.

Your intention for the New Year. Your theme.

For instance, I interviewed business coach Nona Jordan for an article on setting resolutions. Her 2010 theme was: “Lean In,” which she discussed in this blog post.

To her, lean in signified, “leaning into the good, the uncomfortable, and the scary. Revealing and being more authentically who I am meant to be in the world.”

Author Gretchen Rubin’s word for next year is “bigger.”

All this intention-setting got me thinking about my own one word or theme.

Recently, I received a book called Keeping the Feast: One Couple’s Story of Love, Food and Healing in Italy (stayed tuned for the review and interview with the author sometime in 2011).

And as I was thinking about my word while at my desk, with this book to my right, it popped into my head.

I had my word:


I used Christine Kane’s one-word tool to help me better understand what this word meant to me. (You can download the tool for free here, and I highly recommend it!)

Feast, to me, means breathing in the moments. Feasting on life.

I know I talk endlessly about that on this blog, but I’ve always been a shallow breather, both literally and figuratively.

I could never just be in the moment.

My brain would be buzzing, and I’d be planning the next day and then the day after. (I still do this; I’m working on it.)

I just didn’t take deep breaths.

I also could never appreciate my body.

Instead of feasting, I starved my life.

My boring plate – you know the deal, steamed veggies with boneless, skinless chicken, seasoning: salt and pepper – reflected my colorless life and view of myself.

I had no concept of nourishing myself through food, my relationships and my surroundings.

So feast, to me, also means the literal: nourishing myself with wholesome foods, eating when I’m hungry, stopping when I’m full and genuinely enjoying goodies. A completely foreign concept years ago.

Feast is doing things that feel right, both professionally and personally.

Following my heart.

Not obsessing about my shortcomings, body-wise or entire self-wise.

Feast is a celebration. It’s loving my body and loving myself as a whole (which has become the tougher part as I move to a more positive body image).

It’s moving my body because it feels fantastic.

It’s focusing on creativity and trying out my new fancy pants camera every chance I get so I can start seeing the beauty in everything (yes, everything).

It’s reading books for pleasure and starting a personal blog that’s been on the back-burner for too long.

It’s writing to just write.

Feast is wonder. Feast is having fun for fun’s sake and being in that moment that I always talk about.

Feast is that image above of the little boy, able to have a silly time, surrounded by grass and flowers.

What is your one word for the New Year? What will you feast on in 2011? How will you nourish yourself?