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Last week, I talked about how I yearned to essentially look like everyone else, because I wanted to be beautiful.

And beautiful, to me, came in a specific form. And my form wasn’t that form.

It was different. And I didn’t like looking different from the majority of people, from the people who were considered beautiful.

But what I’ve realized along the way is that beauty comes in all shapes, sizes, colors and forms. Sure, it sounds cheesy. But it’s true.

And while it’s weird to say – and feels quite unfamiliar – all of my differences have combined to create a beautiful whole.

Karen Walrond, on her fantastic blog Chookooloonks, celebrates the beauty of being different.

Today, I’d like to share a few quotes/posts from Karen’s blog in hopes that they’ll inspire you, too, to view your differences, your quirks, your uniqueness as breathtakingly beautiful.


“I am different because I have beauty marks everywhere.  I even have an uncommon clear one on my nose.  One of my eyebrows is forever altered in the middle after a bad fall and a bad wound.  But I’ve always had this dimple on one cheek.

And I love it.

Because it makes me look like mischief is always on my mind.

Which it is. :)”


“I’m different because despite dealing with depression, anxiety and obsessive compulsive disorder, I still have enough joy in me that I can’t quit dancing.”


“I am different because I used to hate my eyes. They drew attention. A mixture of green and blue and yellow. My eyebrows, too. The dark mixed with the light. Now I know they represent more. The beauty that others always saw is in their difference. I see it now, too. They are a gift to me from my ancestors. A bundle of recessive genes and dominant ethnicities all ending up in one place.


“I am different. Spotted, vaguely mustached. Prone to inventing words and looking decidedly lost in self-portraits. I am beautiful.”

As for me…

I am different because of the round-ish scar almost in the middle of my forehead like a bull’s-eye. Because I am the sum of unique-to-me experiences and moments. Because I can admit my mistakes. Because I love to smile with my bunny teeth. And when I do, my eyes disappear because they have to make space for my smile. 🙂

And I am beautiful because there’s only one me.

And so are you.

What makes you different beautiful? Please share below in the comments!

By the way, Karen also has a Flickr group called “The Beauty of Different,” where anyone can post a self-portrait and celebrate the beauty of their differences.