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Body Image

Nourishing Your Body, Mind & Spirit: Q&A with Ashley from Nourishing the Soul

One of the best things about having a blog is getting to meet and interact with some wonderful people.
Ashley, who writes Nourishing the Soul, a blog about body image, media literacy and disordered eating, is one of them.
Ashley is a writer and therapist who specializes in treating body image issues, trauma, eating disorders and other types of mental illness.
I love her...
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Body Image

On Gratitude, Grief & Body Image

I've already written about the importance of gratitude for cultivating a positive body image and really a positive outlook on life.
Because when we have a negative body image, it's all-too easy to live in a world of wishes and have-nots (or "" Like I said in that post, it might be "I have big thighs," "I have huge hips" and so on). This spirals into...
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Body Image & Self-Esteem: Barb Steinberg On Empowering Your Daughters, Part 2

Here's part two of my interview with clinical social worker and coach Barb Steinberg, who works with both teen girls and parents to improve their body image and help them discover who they are.

If you missed the first part of our interview on how Barb helps teens improve their body image, definitely check it out.

Below, Barb talks more about body image and offers fantastic insight on how parents can help empower their daughters. Her wise words on finding happiness in...
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