yellow trees, central park

I know this week might’ve felt a bit heavy considering the serious subjects we’ve covered, so I wanted to make this Friday’s post a little lighter. I recently read this older post on the blog Life Through a Cracked Lens. In it, Kim shares five things that make her so happy that her heart skips a beat.

Thinking about oh-so happy moments is usually a big boost to our mood and – either directly or indirectly – to our body image and that’s always a great thing.

As many of you know, I’m a big proponent of putting life in perspective when it comes to creating a more positive body image, of thinking and participating in activities that you’re passionate about, that make you excited, that make you happy.

So today I wanted to share my five things and encourage you to think about your own five things, as well.

My 5 Things

  • Browsing a bookstore in downtown Philadelphia with good friends, and smiling the whole time (no really) as I’m thumbing through beautiful old books. And wanting to buy almost everything. And live there, at least for a few days.
  • Getting away from the familiar surroundings of routine life and embarking on an adventure in a new place. Or seeing old things in a new light.
  • Reading something and feeling like the author took a trip into my heart and started taking note of my feelings, struggles, insecurities and triumphs. And then wrote them out in this eloquent, beautiful way that stirs up a gaggle of giggles, a river of tears or anything and everything in between.
  • Moving my body, whether that means walking, practicing Pilates or lifting weights. It’s the empowering combination of rushing endorphins, the feeling of absolute strength, of being one with my body.
  • Spending the day with loved ones doing whatever, the day sprinkled with silly moments, sounds of hearty laughter, heartfelt words, genuine emotion and sincere connection.

On Fat Talk

Today marks the last day of Fat Talk Free Week. I just wanted to highlight a few of the posts on Weightless that address fat talk, and that you might find helpful:

Today’s favorite post. Remember the post I wrote on gratitude, grief and body image, that’s part of the self-discovery series? Well, yesterday, Ashley posted a round-up of blogs that participated in the series for October, and it was a fantastic turn-out. Please check it out!

What’s one thing – or five – that makes you oh-so happy, whether it’s related to body image or not? Please share below!