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Archives for September, 2010

Cancer and Body Image: Part 2 with Michelle Cororve Fingeret

Here's part two of my interview with psychologist Michelle Cororve Fingeret, , an assistant professor at the Department of Behavioral Science at the University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center. Michelle helps cancer patients improve their body image at the Body Image Therapy Program at MD Anderson, a program that she launched.

You can check out part one of our interview here, where Michelle talks about her research on cancer and body image and her work at MD Anderson Cancer Center.

Below, Michelle talks in greater...
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Body Image

Cancer and Body Image: Q&A with Michelle Cororve Fingeret

There's no doubt about it: Cancer can ravage a person's body. It can make you more self-conscious about your looks. It can make you view your body as the enemy. It can make it so that you don't really recognize your own reflection.

My grandmother had cancer for many years. When we came to America in 1989, she was diagnosed with breast cancer. Since we lived together, I witnessed her daily struggles. I was...
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Body Image & Disordered Eating: Learning to Process Your Experiences

For me, a negative body image ran much deeper than simply wanting to be thin. Disordered eating did, too. For so many of us, part of our body image or eating issues stems from the inability to process our emotions and experiences. We might stuff down painful emotions with food or blame our bodies for our lack of happiness.

If you do this, the good news is that you can learn to identify and process your emotions and experiences in healthy ways....
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Processing Emotions & Reconnecting with Ourselves: Susan Kleinman, Part 2

Here's part two of my interview with Susan Kleinman, the dance/movement therapist for The Renfrew Center of Florida, which specializes in eating disorders and other mental health issues in women.

If you didn't read it yet, check out part one of our interview, where Susan offers her insight into dance/movement therapy (DMT) for eating disorders. She also lists several great techniques inspired by DMT for readers to try at home.

Below, she talks about dealing with emotions, seeing your body and yourself positively...
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Eating Disorder

Dance/Movement Therapy for Eating Disorders: Q&A with Susan Kleinman

Today, I'm very pleased to present my interview with Susan Kleinman, the dance/movement therapist for The Renfrew Center of Florida, a women's mental health center that specializes in eating disorders, depression, anxiety and trauma.
According to the American Dance Therapy Association, dance/movement therapy (DMT) "is the psychotherapeutic use of movement to promote emotional, cognitive, physical, and social integration of individuals."
Below, Susan talks about DMT,...
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Normal Eating with Kids & Tackling Anxiety: Q&A with Dr. Rowell, Part 3

Here's the last part of my interview with family doctor and feeding expert Katja Rowell, Dr. Rowell writes the incredibly helpful blog Feeding Family Dynamics, named after her company.

If you haven't yet, check out part one of our interview about her feeding approach and part two, where she discusses how to handle picky eating and her thoughts on the war on obesity.

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Picky Eaters, The Obesity Crisis & Healthy Eating: Q&A with Dr. Rowell, Part 2

Here's part two of my interview with family doctor and childhood feeding expert Katja Rowell, , who owns and operates Family Feeding Dynamics. She also writes a fantastic blog by the same name.

I truly admire Dr. Rowell, and I think she's doing amazing work! I'm really honored to be able to share her insight with Weightless readers.

If you haven't already, please read part one of our interview about Dr. Rowell's feeding approach and why she believes that we have a feeding...
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Teaching Kids to Eat Healthy: Q&A with Feeding Expert Katja Rowell

Today and for the rest of this week, I'm beyond thrilled to present my 3-part interview with feeding expert Katja Rowell,

With the raging hysteria over the obesity epidemic and tons of misinformation about healthful eating, most parents are at a loss about how to feed their kids. In fact, our entire culture is.

That's where Dr. Rowell comes in.

Dr. Rowell is a graduate of the University of Michigan medical school and served as...
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