Since we haven’t had a body image tip for a few Mondays now, I wanted to kick-start this post with a bang — and obviously on a Tuesday. 🙂

So here are 40 ways to help you improve your body image from Weightless. Look at this as your body image arsenal. Some of these are things you can do instantly to feel better, while others will help you boost your body image over time.

1. Squash shameful statements.

2. Don’t let your body image make you miss out on life.

3. Become proud of your body.

4. After having a big meal, a piece of chocolate or anything else, refuse to feel guilty.

5. Find your purpose.

6. Give yourself a few gifts.

7. Empathize with your body.

8. Schedule some self-care in.

9. Discover the shape of your past.

10. Change your negative thoughts.

11. Create a body image-boosting inspiration board.

12. Pledge to love yourself.

13. Ditch the diet mentality.

14. Shut up the negative, I’m-not-good-enough voice.

15. Transform body image blues into learning experiences. There’s no failure; only feedback.

16. Get inspireda lot.

17. Consider the amazing things your body helps you do.

18. Get rid of thin-is-everything reminders.

19. Enjoy positive and beautiful illustrations.

20. Think about what makes you feel beautiful, write it down and keep it handy.

21. Practice healthy ways to cope, instead of turning inward and bashing your body or engaging in disordered eating.

22. Ask yourself 10 questions every Sunday.

23. Create your own body image mantra.

24. Improve your body image with tips around the blogosphere.

25. Become a diet survivor.

26. Reconnect with your body.

27. Become more resilient.

28. Let go of the idea of the last supper.

29. Banish the word “willpower” from your vernacular and learn what to do instead.

30. Don’t believe everything you read in women’s magazines.

31. Read great books.

32. Learn a few of the body image lessons that I’ve learned since writing for Weightless.

33. Unwrap your self-worth from your weight and the scale.

34. Don’t let friends dictate your body image or habits.

35. Celebrate your body year-round.

36. If you’re constantly thinking about food, fitness, calorie counting and how terrible your body is, consider what you could spend your time thinking about instead.

37. Create an inspiration box to reduce emotional overeating and boost body image.

38. Try yoga.

39. Change your thinking about weight, size and health.

40. Explore and get rid of your diet rules.

I hope you find at least some of these helpful!

Stay tuned this week for another interview on eating disorder recovery.

What’s your favorite body image tip?