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Archives for April, 2010

10 Body Image Questions to Ask Yourself This Sunday

I really like the blog Marc And Angel Hack Life. It's creative, clever, thoughtful and helpful. The inspiration for today's post comes from one of their old posts on 20 questions you should ask yourself every Sunday. Marc recommends spending about 30 minutes every Sunday for self-reflection.

So, below, you'll find my version of a self-reflection session that relates to body image. You can work through the questions today, if you prefer, or this weekend. The point is to think about how you've treated...
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Body Image Tips & Healthy Eating Myths: Q&A with Susan Schulherr, Part 2

Here's part two of my interview with eating disorder specialist and author Susan Schulherr, LCSW. Yesterday, in part one, Susan talked about what disordered eating really is and ways we can reduce unhealthy habits.

Today, Susan shares her favorite body image tips, healthy eating myths and facts, how to end fat-talk and much more. I think you'll find some of her insights surprising - in a good way.

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Q&A with Susan Schulherr: What Disordered Eating Really Means

There's a lot of confusion surrounding the definition of disordered eating. Is dieting disordered? Is overeating disordered? What does it even mean to overeat? In a society where dieting is synonymous with healthy eating, food is vilified and magazines promote tips to trick our bodies, it's understandable how we've lost sight of what normal eating - and unhealthy habits - really are.

Today, I'm thrilled to present my interview with Susan Schulherr, LCSW, who cuts through the confusion and gives advice on...
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Men & Body Image: Q&A with Leigh Cohn, Part 2

Yesterday, I posted part one of my interview with Leigh Cohn, MAT, CEDS, the publisher of Gurze Books, which specializes in eating disorder publications and awareness. Leigh is also author of Making Weight: Healing Men’s Conflicts with Food, Weight and Shape, so I'm thrilled that he was able to share his insight on the topic of men and body image.

Below, Leigh talked about everything from stereotypes and stigma to self-acceptance and leading a healthy, fulfilling life.

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