How to Reconnect to Yourself

Reconnecting to ourselves doesn't have to be big. It doesn't have to include grand gestures or pricey spa days or week-long retreats. It can be small. And it can be totally doable, even if you have a demanding schedule, even if you don't have much time to yourself. Here are some small steps and activities to take and try:


The Power of a Pause

During the day, do you normally take breaks to just be? Do you regularly stop to think, to brainstorm, to let your mind wander? When was the last time you got lost inside your thoughts---not the ruminating, 'what-if' thoughts, but those dreamy thoughts that take you places; the thoughts that spark ideas and breakthroughs and so many possibilities.


You Are Not One Thing

Athlete. Runner. CEO. Manager. Top employee. Star student. Published writer. We tend to define ourselves by one thing. Which means that if we stop playing soccer after college, can't run anymore because of bad knees, sell our company, get demoted or get fired, fail a few tests, and stop being published, we are shattered.