6 Not-So-Simple But Significant Questions to Ask Ourselves

I regularly talk about the importance of being honest with ourselves. Because when we take the time (and proceed despite the discomfort) to acknowledge how we're doing, what we're feeling, and what is really going on inside our hearts, we can make wise, supportive decisions. We can take wise, supportive steps. We can meet our needs. We can ask others for what we need (instead of feeling resentful and acting in passive-aggressive ways).


When You Feel Like Something is Missing

Lately, your days feel like one big blur, or a series of too-many, not-so significant tasks. You feel like a robot going through the motions. Your days, or part of your days, feel empty or meaningless. Maybe you feel disconnected from yourself. Maybe you don't feel anything. Maybe it feels like something is missing from your life, from your day to day.


5 Creative Self-Care Practices to Try This Week

Self-care is many things. It is many different practices. It is small, and it is big. It is making a meaningful life change like switching jobs, seeing a therapist, and ending a toxic relationship. And it is eating when you're hungry, taking a restorative yoga class because that's how you love to move, and saying no when you mean no.