Could the Coronavirus Start Here?

I have spent much of the past week trying to figure out how I am going to take care of my clients over the coming days, weeks, and—perhaps--months without being able to sit with them physically. I have deliberated over whether a trip to or from my office on mass transit could expose me to an illness I’d be unable to recover from. I have listened to a client lament over how the coronavirus robbed him of his job. I have watched the beginnings of a crisis that will test the social and economic framework that undergirds life as we know it.

Suicidal Ideation

There is a lot of suffering in living, and being vegan in a non-vegan world makes the suffering greater.

Vegans are surrounded by reminders of the exploitation of and violence toward individuals who are not human (and those who are).  Vegans are also surrounded by...


Tackling Obstacles in Our Own Psychology and Harmful Systems When Transitioning to a Vegan Lifestyle

Blog Post by Contributor Kimberly Spanjol, Ph.D., LMHC, LBA, BCBA-D

As the global climate crisis and environmental catastrophes intensify, the vulnerability and interconnection of ALL life is becoming increasingly apparent to a greater number of people.  The importance of addressing past and present relations between human and nonhuman animals (henceforth referred to as “animals”) is more pressing than ever.

Greater numbers of people have become more interested in reducing harm to other humans, animals and the environment through a vegan lifestyle when they learn about the detrimental impacts and heinous cruelty of industries that process, test on and otherwise exploit sentient beings for food, clothing, and other products.

What About Fish?

Several weeks ago, a client mentioned as an aside that she had recently become a vegetarian because of the role animal agriculture plays in global warming. Almost immediately afterward, she added that she still eats (and serves) fish. Others I know who consider themselves vegetarian also eat fish on occasion.

Why do people view fish as second-class animals?

Animal rights

What Going Vegan Taught My Children

Today's post is by guest writer Samantha Rodman, Ph.D.

My family has been vegan since April 2018. I was interested in plant-based eating for a while, based on health reasons, but I shamefully had not thought much about the ethical impact of eating meat since I was a child.  Our family ate meat and/or dairy at every meal.  Then, one day on the car ride home from school, my middle child, who was 7 years old at that time, said to me, “We should be vegetarian.”