Four Ways Life as an Animal Activist Taught Me to Change the World

Today's post is by contributing writer Rima Danielle Jomaa, MFT.

When I became a vegan 10 years ago, I experienced many emotions. I was excited to embrace a new lifestyle that protests injustice. I felt liberated from the belief that I had to harm animals to be healthy and normal.

The thrill of living oppression-free soon turned to rage as I opened my eyes to the crimes committed against nonhumans.

Animal rights

They Can’t Breathe

Today's post is by contributing writer Shiri Raz, PhD candidate in the psychoanalysis and hermeneutics program at the Bar-Ilan University, Israel.
"I can't breathe," gasped George Floyd during his final moments, begging for Officer Derek Chauvin to take his knee off his neck, but to no avail. Chauvin did not respond, even when Floyd's cries became "Mom, Mom" ​​- the desperate cry of a man realizing he will never rise again. Less than a week later in Israel, another tragic and horrific death occurred as the cries of Iyad Al-Halak - a 32-year old Arab with Autism – were also ignored as he pleaded for his life. Border Police officers did not listen to his cries or those of his caregiver, who knew him and called out to the police that Al-Halak was disabled – and they shot him dead. 

When Clients Talk to Me About Their Dogs and Cats

Companion animals occupy a big part of many of my clients’ lives, so it is not surprising that they talk about them in therapy. As an ethical vegan therapist, however, sometimes I hear things about their animals that stir in me feelings that make it hard for me to fully attend to what the client might be experiencing.

For example,

Animal rights

“What Is It Like to Be a Bat?”

This post is by contributing writer Shiri Raz, PhD candidate in the psychoanalysis and hermeneutics program at Bar-Ilan University, Israel.

In his well-known article "What Is It Like to Be A Bat?" from 1974, philosopher Thomas Nigel argues that though anyone can imagine how a bat feels, they can never truly experience the world from a bat's point of view. In his opinion, human experience is limited in its senses and its structure of consciousness to understanding itself and that alone.

Many disagree

Animal rights

5 Ways to Explore Veganism During Lockdown

Today's post is by contributing writer Rima Danielle Jomaa, MFT.

You’ve heard a lot about veganism and it’s piqued your interest. You might even agree with the principles of living compassionately. With your busy life, maybe you haven’t had time to explore the vegan lifestyle or to understand what vegan food entails.

Good news! Here are 5 reasons why being in lockdown is a great time to explore veganism.

Could the Coronavirus Start Here?

I have spent much of the past week trying to figure out how I am going to take care of my clients over the coming days, weeks, and—perhaps--months without being able to sit with them physically. I have deliberated over whether a trip to or from my office on mass transit could expose me to an illness I’d be unable to recover from. I have listened to a client lament over how the coronavirus robbed him of his job. I have watched the beginnings of a crisis that will test the social and economic framework that undergirds life as we know it.

Suicidal Ideation

There is a lot of suffering in living, and being vegan in a non-vegan world makes the suffering greater.

Vegans are surrounded by reminders of the exploitation of and violence toward individuals who are not human (and those who are).  Vegans are also surrounded by...