How To Help When Your Child Is Terrified Of Something

Many children have fears. For most children, the fear does not cause any problems with their functioning. Some fears develop into phobias that prevent children from participating in their day-to-day life or at worst, living a normal life. If your child has a persistent fear, you will know how difficult it can be to handle without going into full scale avoidance mode.


How To Find Calm When High Conflict Prevails

If you're involved in  a high conflict relationship with your ex, calm is probably a distant memory. Maybe you get pockets of calm before the next drama or impasse derails you. Even in these moments of seeming peace a part of you is waiting, slightly uneasy, for the next missile to hit and stir up those all to familiar tensions.


Five Top Tips To Keep Calm At Christmas And The Holidays

"It's 8 weeks to Christmas, you know" a client chimed as she left her final appointment some weeks ago. "WHAAAATTTT?" screamed my mind, "surely it can't be?" Lists started building in my mind including one about needing to write this post. There are many things I enjoy about the festive season but it does increase my workload significantly.


Top Tips To Stay Calm With Toxic People

On my clinic blog, an old post called "Psychopath or Narcissist?" often gets the most hits. I'm not an expert in personality disorders so it's somewhat surprising. A likely reason is that many people are interested to learn more about or understand the toxic people in their lives. They suspect that something is up due to the extreme behaviors of a family member, colleague or acquaintance.


How To Calmly Respond To A Personal Attack

Some time ago, I experienced a personal attack. It arrived in the form of a letter written by another psychologist. The psychologist believed I had spoken badly of them and their letter contained accusations and judgements about my character and professionalism. My hand trembled with shock as I read the letter. Why would someone send me such an aggressive letter?


Get Up To Two More Hours Sleep With This Top Tip

"There is a time for many words, and there is also a time for sleep." ~ Homer

Sleeping well is key to feeling calm. When we sleep well, we manage anxious thoughts better. Since I started out in psychology, the world has changed a lot. Good sleep habits were always part of helping people create better sleep but today’s tip wasn’t on the list back then.