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Archives for November, 2010


Dancing with Ducks

Life is all about perspective.  It’s not what happens to you or what you do but how you react to it and deal with it.  That is what is important.
Nineteen years ago I had a row with my in-laws just before we went down South for four days before Christmas.  It ruined my holiday.  I could not concentrate, focus nor appreciate the beauty of the scenery, enjoy my husband and our (then) thirteen...
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Therapists Retraumatizing the Client by NOT Hugging on Request

Newsflash for all therapists of all orientations:  Your clients are generally not stalkers, serial killers or axe-murderers disguised as the depressed, the anxious, the bipolar or the schizophrenic, they are mostly desperately lonely and needy people with compromised interpersonal skills and mostly require a bit of common-sense TLC along with their chosen therapy.

A warm hug can imbibe and instill in your clients a much-needed sense of relief, attachment, security and belonging to a...
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Suicide is NOT Painless

In Greek mythology, there is a story of the Sirens who lured sailors to their death with a bewitching song.  The Sirens lived on an island surrounded by large, sharp and dangerous rocks. They sang so mellifluously and in such an enchanting manner that sailors were drawn to the island where their ships were dashed against the rocks and they all drowned.

Jason and the Argonauts were saved from them by the music of Orpheus, whose songs were lovelier.  Odysseus...
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