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The Synchronicity of Twitching

Synchronicity is God’s gentle way of nudging us towards what is important in our life.

If we stand still for long enough we can recognize when the Universe is whispering its dulcet tones in our pink and shell-like earts.  Sometimes we are hard of hearing or we simply choose not to listen.  But the Universe never shouts at us, it doesn’t grab us by the shoulders and shake our bones.  We need to slow down in order to receive whatever message she is trying to impart.

On my recent Buddhist weekend, I went to a natural pool that was very important in my childhood.  It elicited many happy memories.  While I was sitting and reflecting on the past, the present and the future, an elderly couple came over and started to talk to me and in the process we discovered a mutual love of bird watching.

They belong to a group called Birds Australia, who spend a lot of time walking around lakes with binoculars and telescopes.  Formally, they’re called Twitchers, but I called them Bird Nerds.

The Universe has many disguises and one needs to be mindful and conscious in order to receive her mysterious messages.  This elderly couple represented for me, a new meaning of life, a way of connecting with nature with a child-like passion and excitement.  I have rarely seen anyone get so enthused about a blue-breasted wren before and I matched their excitement.

Today I went on my first bird walk.  My husband conjured up a pair of binoculars from the black hole also known as our walk-in-wardrobe and I had my trusty camera and I was on my way.  As I walked around Lake Claremont, Western Australia, I took note of how I was feeling.  Excitement, connection, nostalgia for my childhood filled with frogs, reptiles, birds and other animals, but most important of all was a deep, profound connection with Planet Earth herself.

In my early twenties, my father was an enthusiastic bird watcher and on family outings he would get terribly excited about pied oyster catchers, black-faced cuckoo shrikes, yellow-billed spoonbills, purple swamp hens and straw necked ibis.  I would breathe in deeply and sigh, “yeah, whatever Dad!” and just want to get back to whatever book I was reading at the time.  It was today I finally “got” what he was getting at.  Seeing nature at its rawest level, at the place God (whatever your definition is) intended us to see what she had created.

I vowed to make a difference.  I promised Mother Earth to do what I could to turn back time and revegetate and regenerate my local lake community with native plants and trees.  I pledged to educate and inform people about the wonders of nature and how if we all joined together perhaps we could make a difference.  Those two old ducks I accidentally met had given me the opportunity, the epiphany to re-examine my life and where it was heading.  If I was to give you the answer to the meaning of life, it would be to get involved in your local community and merge with nature and try to see life from a global point of view.

The meaning of life is simple.  Be nice to everyone and look after the planet.  How hard is that?  Look after the birds and animals and get in touch with that core, integral person you were before life shut you down.  It’s what you are underneath that matters.

I have seen small, green shoots emerging from a pile of cow dung; that is life; that is the essence of all people, to rise above and transcend towards enlightenment.  We can emerge unscathed from the disasters in our life if we stand still long enough and listen with our ears and our hearts to what the Universe is quietly telling us.

Synchronicity, epiphanies and random meetings with like-minded others is how we make sense of who we are and why we are here.

Use it wisely and it can change your life.

The Synchronicity of Twitching

Sonia Neale

Sonia Neale was recently awarded the Inaugural Barbara Hocking SANE Australia Fellowship to study and research Borderline Personality Disorder overseas in the USA, Canada, UK and Ireland. Her previous Psych Central blog was called Therapy Unplugged. She is the author of two books, The Bad Mother’s Revenge and Death by Teenager, both published by ABC Books/Harper Collins. She lives in Western Australia, is married with three adult children, has studied psychoanalytic psychotherapy, has a Certificate IV in Mental Health and is studying for a Psychology/Counselling degree. She currently works as a peer support worker in the mental health field. Please email her on davson at

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