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Archives for July, 2010


Highly Sensitive People in a Highly Insensitive World

Two people can experience the same event and have completely different reactions.  Even weeks after a simple enough event, some people can still be traumatized by what others would have integrated and moved on from.  I recently discovered the term Highly Sensitive People (HSP’s) in Zoe Kessler’s blog ADHD from A-Zoe who put me onto Elaine Aron’s book: Highly Sensitive People.
Two things have happened to me recently. ...
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The Pregnant Therapist

Over the past few months your therapist has put on weight.  All around her middle.  In the back of your mind you are thinking, “For goodness sake, go on a diet, and get some exercise.”  At the rear end of the back of your mind an idea is forming that is so reprehensible it gets snapped shut before its presence is fully comprehended.  For some even when your therapist is...
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When Your Therapist Gets Depressed

What happens to your therapy when your therapist gets ill or depressed?

You’ve been seeing him/her for a long time and gradually it dawns on you that although your therapist is doing an excellent job there is something you intuit telepathically that things are not as they seem.  There is something intrinsically ironic about the depressed therapist.  Someone who dishes out wise therapeutic advice as a profession can sometimes fail to see what...
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