3 Creative Ways to Heal Broken Trust

Creative ways to heal the wounds of a broken trust

Trust is the single most important aspect of any relationship. The success of a relationship depends in large proportion not only on the existence of trust but also how much trust each partner has in the other person and the relationship.

The average relationship begins with a trust baseline that is different in each of the partners. This baseline is affected by your...

Creativity & Fear

Find out the meaning of your nightmares

Explore and understand the meaning of nightmares, creatively

Ever wondered what your dreams and nightmares mean or where they are coming from?

Dreams have fascinated humanity since the beginning of time. Ancient spiritual leaders before religion, shamans in tribes and dream interpreters have all dabbled with understanding the meaning of dreams. Today dream science is still slow to understand the inner workings of dreams or the connections between the various...

Creativity & Fear

Afraid to say “no” to others? Try this.

Having a hard time saying “no” to other people, believe it or not, is an American specific type of concern; generally -and with exceptions, of course- others view saying “no” as simply an answer to a request rather than a personal attack or something guilt producing. Here, we truly struggle with it and we even have a very descriptive label we give ourselves or people who can't say “no”: people-pleaser.


One creative way to cope with anxiety

Anxiety is not an easy to untangle and resolve emotion because its roots can run deep into your psyche. There are times when you’re feeling anxious and you simply can’t put your finger on the reasons behind it and yet other times when the culprit for its’ presence is known and yet you feel like there is nothing you can do to quiet it down or put a stop to it. Your emotions (anxiety) will dictate that you find a way right here, right now because otherwise things will get even worse (gravitating toward panic).

Creativity & Fear

How to Understand and Resolve your Depression (2 of 2)

In the first part of this article, we focused on the first steps to understanding and resolving your depression: becoming self-aware, taking responsibility and ownership over it, and how to gain a deeper understanding of your depression by focusing on its’ root causes rather than the surface ones.

The benefit of doing the hard work of uncovering the roots of your depression is that this will ultimately become a blueprint and a guide to make sense of future challenges. Having been down the road of exploration once, it will be much easier and less painful when you find yourself dealing with other issues. You will be able to figure out in a matter of hours what, the first time around, took months and/or years.


Artistic jealousy and envy, explained.

Many believe that envy and jealousy are emotions that concern other people. In reality, they are all about us. Envy and jealousy speak for our insecurities, anxiety, and fears.

We seek proof that others are the problem in order to avoid looking in the mirror and seeing the things we don’t like about ourselves.


How to Survive the Pit of Despair

The Pit

Have you even been down in the pit of aloneness, isolation, loneliness, and desperation? What did you see in there? Better yet, how did you see yourself in there?

The pit is the last stop before you reach the suicide thought station that the train of mind can sometimes take you to.

No, you are not the only one who feels the way you do when you’re in the pit, and you’re right that it doesn’t make a difference if others feel it too, that they might too have felt that way before.


Is it just me? Perception vs. Reality.

Whoever you are, you have an endless supply of potential. No, I’m not just saying words of encouragement, I truly mean it and I will explain why.

We are a result of our experiences; fluid, constantly reshaping ourselves and our future, always moving backward and forward. Who we are, the decisions we make, our attitude in the world is a pure reflection of everything we’ve gone through and continue to go through each day.