3 Summer-Inspired Creativity Exercises

A few weeks ago, I ran into 6 Ways Daily Exercise Skyrockets Your Productivity and among some of the usual suspects (exercise will improve your mood, help self-discipline, increase your energy), I saw an especially interesting exercise benefit: exercise can boost your creativity.


How to Find a Hobby as an Adult

Last week, we talked about the results of a recent survey on living long and happy lives -- more specifically, how creativity and hobbies ranked important among the factors many people attribute to living long and happy lives.

We also touched on how sometimes it's difficult to come up with a hobby and keep up with a hobby -- especially when adult matters like school and work, jobs, and parenting (I'm getting tired just typing those) can dominate our everyday lives.

I also said we'd discuss that more later, so here we are!

Creativity & Self

Identifying and tackling feelings of Resentment

Dealing with feelings of resentment
It’s hard to maintain healthy relationships when you feel resentful and it’s also hard to experience joy.
Resentment is one of those prolonged emotions that easily turn into a state, a way of being; it puts a distorted tint onto one's perspective and before long, it becomes something much more than a feeling towards another. Resentment envelops every aspect of those who...

Creativity & Self

Identifying and tackling feelings of insecurity

Feeling insecure

Most people feel insecure at some point in their lives and some experience insecurity over extended periods of time, even life-long.

Feelings of insecurity bring chaos in one’s life and with them a shift in perspective which leads to a decrease in quality of life and ability to experience happiness. In fact, feeling insecure affects all aspects of oneself: decision making, relationships, self-view, creativity, etc.

Feelings of insecurity keep one stuck...