Coping Skills

How to Deal With Family Over The Holidays

The holidays were rough this year and they’re still not entirely over. Usually we have Christmas at my parent’s house with everybody, but this year, my middle brother had to work and my oldest brother is coming into town late.

Christmas day then, was quiet. It was just me and my parents on a snowy morning in December. It wasn’t the same.

There’s something to be said though for quiet holidays. It’s actually kind of nice when there isn’t a lot of activity.

The reason I say this is because sometimes dealing with family can be tough.

Welcome to Of Two Minds

Author Mike Hedrick has been writing for us since May at World of Psychology. And we felt it was about time he had his own blog, to give him more room to explore and expand his writings and creative expression.

That's why I'm pleased to introduce his new blog, Of Two Minds. We look forward to his continuing writing on the topics of living with schizophrenia, and what it means to live a life where so many misperceptions are the norm. You can learn...