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Sometimes You Just Need a Change


Every now and again things get stagnant.

You operate according to a routine for months or years and then suddenly you just feel sick of it.

Suddenly might not be the right word, it’s as if this stagnancy starts to creep in ever so slowly hardly noticeable until it’s on you like a bear and slowly chewing your face off.

The point is, I’ve been there.

I hit that point about three or four months ago and it came at the right time I guess because my lease was ending at my apartment and I figured it would be good to have a change.

I had lived in that town for two years, I don’t know how because I never liked it.

Somehow though I found myself there.

I was going to bed at the same time every night, waking up at the same time, eating the same breakfast and going to the same coffee shop for a long time.

That feeling started to creep in and I found myself getting anxious, depressed, trying to switch something up because I felt like I was stuck.

This isn’t necessarily a good thing to deal with on top of the normal paranoia and delusions.

We all feel stuck every now and again and I was there, feeling the full course of the stuckness coursing through my veins.

I did what I could to quell the feeling by trying different things, eating different foods, going to different coffee shops but no matter what happened I still felt trapped.

I would write about anxiety and paranoia because those things crept in too and stagnancy is even more pronounced when you have these things to deal with.

I dealt with it as best I could, taking care of myself, working to finish everything I had to do and trying to get rid of the feeling.

Finally, last week I moved to a new town.

So far I feel free, I feel much much better about my new apartment and I like my new town much much better than my old one.

I don’t know if this feeling will sustain but for now I feel a great sense of relief.

I guess what I’m trying to say is that sometimes you just need a change, sometimes you just to switch things up on a grand scale.

Sometimes you have to something extreme like moving to get rid of the sense of dread you feel.

Granted moving can be one of the most stressful things you can do and is not something everyone can do when they feel like it, in fact that’s pretty impractical. You can change other things though.

We’ve all felt the sense that we were stuck and sometimes just little changes aren’t going to cut it.

If you feel stuck try something big. We all need a change now and then, maybe it’s a new job, maybe it’s a new place to live maybe it’s a new relationship.

Regardless, if something is making you feel stuck it’s ok to explore ways to change.

It is possible, There are logistics yes, but if you need a change, you need a change, there’s no disputing that.

Sometimes You Just Need a Change

Michael Hedrick

Michael Hedrick is a writer and photographer who has lived with schizophrenia since he was 20. His work has been featured in Salon, The Week, Scientific American and The New York Times. You can purchase his book 'Connections' here or Follow his blog on Living with Schizophrenia here.

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