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Archives for July, 2016

Coping Skills

Finding The Evidence of Reality

There have been numerous times when I’ve been going about my day when my illness will peak its head into my routine and start whispering nasty stuff.

This happens nearly everyday and it usually has something to do with the notion that people are out to get me.

The problem is that these nasty whispers have the tendency to trip me up and make me convinced of some notion that has no basis in reality.

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Coping Skills

Sometimes You Just Need a Change

Every now and again things get stagnant.

You operate according to a routine for months or years and then suddenly you just feel sick of it.

Suddenly might not be the right word, it’s as if this stagnancy starts to creep in ever so slowly hardly noticeable until it’s on you like a bear and slowly chewing your face off.

The point is, I’ve been there.

I hit that point about three or four months ago and...
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