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Archives for April, 2016

Coping Skills

It’s Not Lack of Empathy, It’s Resilience

I don’t know if it’s my body language, my words or the things that I say but I feel like I don’t react well to people. It’s some insecurity mechanism I have where I feel like the way I react to sad or shocking news isn’t the way I way I should react and I feel like a lot of people have this problem.

It’s as if my reaction doesn’t match the reaction they...
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Coping Skills

It’s Easy to Fall Into a Social Media Hole

It’s probably not a good thing that I spend so much time on social media. If it’s not Facebook it’s on Tumblr. I update my Tumblr pretty much everyday with stuff I find interesting and it can be fun but there are also downsides to spending time with it.

First and foremost it can give you an inflated ego. Having likes streaming in on a selfie can seriously boost your self-esteem but you have...
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Coping Skills

Cultivating Calmness

In our day-to-day lives we’re faced with myriad frustrations and complications, everything from pressures at work to our car not running right, to more serious things such as trauma and family pressures.

The point is there are way too many things in this world that have the power to throw us off our game. We so rarely take the time to just sit still and be calm.

We’re constantly worried about things that we may...
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