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Archives for November, 2015

Coping Skills

How To Be Vulnerable

One of the most important things we can do to connect with other people is to be vulnerable.

This means sharing aspects of ourselves that we may be scared to share out of fear of being ridiculed or fear of causing an argument or simply just fear of how we will appear.

Being vulnerable can be extremely tough and it’s something that takes a good deal of strength.

Last Thursday I was having dinner with an old friend...
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Coping Skills

You Have to Fight to Get Better

There are times in life when things stack up, when you get dealt a crappy hand and when the weight of the world pushes down on your shoulders.

These last few weeks have been that way for me, I’ve had some bad health news, I’ve had additional responsibilities and the changing of the seasons has put a wet gray cloud squarely over my head.

I’ve had nights in the last few weeks where I thought about what...
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Coping Skills

I Still Lose My Grip on Reality Sometimes

Last night I had a moment of panic, I couldn’t focus and the paranoia was coming on strong.

I was so lost in the fog of confusion that I could hardly speak.

My cruise control came on and I went through the motions that I had learned but I was so distracted, so overwhelmed that I couldn’t focus.

It shouldn’t have been bad, it was a calm afternoon barbecue with my parents but something in me was just...
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Coping Skills

How to Instantly Relieve Anxiety

Things have been a little rough for me lately, I’ve faced some stress with some personal family stuff, work stuff and relationship stuff, and though that always seems to be the case for pretty much everybody, there have been times where I was so nervous that it was hard for me to concentrate.

I was in a spell like that last week where I hadn’t heard from a girl I liked and that was the cherry...
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