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Archives for April, 2015

Coping Skills

How to Relax

I’ve been feeling it lately. I’m burdened by the thoughts of things I have to do, obstacles I have to overcome and goals I have to achieve. My mom says I need to relax but I’m having a hard time doing it. Things are happening and they’re happening fast and I don’t want to drown.

As we speak I have several major commitments hanging over my head that are causing my brain to go haywire...
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Coping Skills

How to Make Small Talk

I’ve lived with schizophrenia for almost nine years and one overarching theme has been my struggle to interact with other people. If I wasn’t caught up thinking about what they thought of me I was distracted by my own notions of insecurity.

Small talk was especially hard for me. Making niceties with people just for the sake of it seemed so frivolous and useless when the possibility that I may never see this person again came up.

It just seemed...
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Coping Skills

Facing Anxiety About Things Going Well

Things are going well.

I have a new writing job which is going to give me a little bit of a buffer money-wise, I found a great apartment which I’m moving into in July, and I have a date with a nice girl on Sunday.

Why then, do I feel so anxious?

I think this is a problem for a lot of folks out there.

When things start to go well, the pit in their stomach starts to swell a...
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Coping Skills

Tackling the Question “Why Can’t I Be Happy?”

As I’m sure they are for a lot of people, things are in a sort of transition for me right now.

I’m coming up on the end of my lease at my apartment, so I have to decide where I’m going to move, job prospects are in the air, things could happen or they couldn’t and I find myself in kind of an anxious state, kind of unable to sit still.

The thing is I know that...
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