Sarah S. DavisIf I had to choose to live without books or medicine for the rest of my life, I would live without medicine. I absolutely believe in the transformative power of stories in all their forms, from late-night confessions of regret, wasted youth, and lost love over an epic meal to pages that seem to flip themselves to the stories you tell yourself in order to live…

I attended the University of Pennsylvania and majored in English, receiving my BA in 2011. I studied mainly 17th-to-20th century British prose and poetry, with a little creative writing and film thrown in the mix. I fell in love with the Victorians because I felt so close to people who were obsessed with stories, just like me. Crowds of people across the globe spellbound by Dickens’ sagas, copycat versions of Sherlock Holmes, pulpy penny dreadfuls populated with scandal and genuine urban terror…these Victorians knew what it was like when fiction matters.

After graduation I worked as a content developer and copyeditor. Later, I was hired as a Kirkus Reviews book reviewer and got addicted to the thrill of writing about my passion—books—for a living. I left my office job, took an internship at an academic library, and enrolled in the Master of Library and Information Science program at Clarion University of Pennsylvania.

I work for a major publishing house as a freelance copywriter who writes promotional copy and a copyeditor who works with authors through the developmental and editing stages of publication.

I live in suburban Philadelphia a half a block away from a library. I have two lovely cats, Jon Snow and Minerva, and love to read and cook when I’m not writing fiction of my own.

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