Awakening Your True Self
with Rev. Connie L. Habash, MA, LMFT

Body & Mind

Autumn – A Time of Reflection

It’s early November, and we’re right in the middle of the fall season; the time of depth, release, and going within. We know that the leaves are falling and it’s a time of letting go - but it’s also the perfect season for reflection.

Fall brings up memories. We even see this represented by the turned colors. The spent leaves represent the past, no longer part of the vital present as...


Spiritual Health is Essential to Mental Health

It’s World Mental Health Day today, on October 10th, and I feel there’s an aspect of our well-being that is often overlooked with the challenges of increased depression, anxiety, and loneliness in our era. And that’s spiritual health.

Before you consider what spiritual health is, let’s be clear on what I’m referring to as spiritual. Spirituality is our personal relationship to something greater...


Change Yourself Without Judging Yourself

Every one of us has habits that we’d like to change. On the path of personal growth and awakening, this is especially true of our mental habits. It takes a firm resolve to transform negative thought patterns into positive ones. But we cause unnecessary upset by judging ourselves whenever we catch our minds in the act of the less-than-desirable behavior.

It doesn’t have to be that way. We...


Why Anger Matters and What to Do About It

Anger gets a bad rap in the therapy - and spirituality - community. It’s labeled a “negative” emotion, and for good reason. When anger runs us and we react to it, it can blow like a volcano and make quite a mess of our relationships.

But the truth is that anger isn’t inherently a bad emotion. In fact, anger, like all emotions, has a purpose and is a necessary part of being a...


Feeling Upset? Develop Your Inner Witness

The first step to overcoming debilitating emotions or agitating thoughts is cultivating the Inner Witness.
When we want to create positive change in our lives - and especially in our emotions - it's important to recognize that thoughts exacerbate those emotions. Often, when we believe we're feeling an emotion, we're actually thinking  the emotion. We're repeating thoughts over and over again that feed into the worry,...


11 Easy Ways to Start (or Return to) Your Meditation Practice

Photo by Motoki Tonn on Unsplash

Tried meditation but found it hard to sit still and quiet? Did it for a while but then dropped it off your priority list? Here are some tips to get back to (or start!) your meditation practice.

Pretty much everyone has heard of the benefits of meditation now. From reducing stress, alleviating depression, and soothing anxiety, to the physical benefits, like lowered blood pressure and decreased tension,...


Transformation Through Grief and Gratitude

Both the passing of my mother, as well as beginnings of a beautiful journey to become an author bring up tremendous gratitude in my heart, and personal transformation.

It’s August 8th as I write this – a bittersweet day for me. A year ago, my 93 year-old mother passed away. Also a year ago, a few days later, I began my journey of writing a book, which releases this week (August 15th).

Quite an intense...


Me-First Commitment to Transformation

In this era of blatant narcissism, it may be a very outrageous thing to say. But when we recognize that growth, healing, love, and change starts with us, we need to be me-first.

I was having a conversation with a friend yesterday, and she shared with me something that her healer and teacher said to her. She told her that your healing has to be “me-first.”  It shocked me, but then made so...


4 Ways to Overcome the Spiritual Grumpies

Ever been in a funk on the path of personal and spiritual growth? Those times when you feel discouraged, irritable, or angry, and can’t seem to shift out of it? “I’m not in the mood to be patient,” we might say, “I have to get to my appointment!” We snap at our kids for leaving their socks all over the house, or blow up when someone interrupts our precious yoga practice. We try...


2 Steps to Release Perfectionism

Any recovering perfectionists out there? I certainly am! I grew up with a compulsion to get everything right. But at a certain point, I realized there was a serious cost to this; my inner peace and well-being. Yoga Philosophy revealed two steps that released my perfectionism and changed my life.

Perfectionism was the driver behind stress and anxiety for me. I wouldn’t be happy with something until it...