The 3 Levels of Sex Addiction

Sex addiction is a term that’s becoming more and more prevalent in all aspects of the addiction community.  This is particularly true as we discover more about the addiction interaction disorder of stimulants and sex.  A spirited debate as to whether there’s even such a thing as sexual addiction has been developing for some time now. “People can’t be addicted to sex – it’s just what people do” is often heard, while on the...


Sex Addiction in the LGBT Community

No longer confined to the shadows, sex addiction is becoming more common in the LGBT community.  One area where there has been a dramatic spike in occurrence is in the gay male population with the prevalence of GPS-enabled hook up apps where people are doing PNP - "party and play."  Many therapists and counselors are beginning to recognize the impact of sexual addiction on not only the client but their partner as well.  Are...


Socializing and Sobriety in the LGBT Community – What does that look like?

A common question that exists for many in the lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) community facing addiction is “Where and how do I socialize after I get sober?"  For many LGBT individuals, their social lives have often revolved around bars and these experiences can run the gamut from hanging out with friends to fund raising events that occur in the bars.   There is no doubt that the prevalence of addiction - whether to drugs/alcohol...


The Lesbian Community and Addiction

The lesbian community has been vastly underserved in mental health and addiction services so it should come as no surprise that alcohol and drug abuse is a major concern for individuals identifying as lesbian.  A report published by SAMHSA in 2011 found people who identify as LGBT (lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender) are significantly more likely than the general population to use and abuse drugs or alcohol. This same study found lesbians are significantly more likely...


Families in the LGBT Community

We are well into 2014 and with the passage into a new year, you may have done the classic tradition of making a New Year's Resolution.  Resolutions can serve as a guide to making much need changes in your life - that is if you are following through with the commitments that you have set.   However, resolutions can bring about increased stress, and for many, increased anxiety and depression.

Making resolutions is often a tradition that...


Gay men at higher risk for meth abuse – What are the warning signs?

Methamphetamine, also called crystal meth, is highly addictive.  It can be used by snorting, smoking or injecting.  The components of Meth are highly toxic and include: sodium hydroxide (lye), brake fluid, lithium from battery acid, lighter fluid, rubbing alcohol, drain cleaner, paint thinner, anhydrous ammonia, hydrochloric acid, red phosphorus lye, ether, iodine and ephedrine.

What do you look for if you suspect your loved one is abusing Crystal Meth?

Welcome to True Colors

The LGBT community has a unique set of needs when it comes to mental health. Long stigmatized in society -- longer than even those with mental health concerns -- LGBT people often suffer from a double-whammy of prejudice and discrimination.

That's why I'm pleased...