Today I Love Easy Saturdays

Things getting organized

Today I love easy Saturdays like this one that got itself up and slid nicely onto the rails and started rolling all on its own into a pleasant sort of happening that I find quite comfortable. I love plans for loving forever. I love hanging out by the fireplace after returning from marketing and the craft sale and the Christmas tree stand store where we got the biggest Christmas...


Today I Love The Souls

Making space

Today I love the souls of people, their inner strength, their inner artist, their inner poet. I love that there are souls that thrive on lending help and hope and joy to others, because they know full well that they will get it back with interest and thereby have more to share. I love souls that are well worn and souls that are worn well, souls that keep quietly out...


Today I Love Radio Show Plans

Whirling snow, outbound

Today I love radio show plans that get me excited. I love how fun it is to do a show for Georgian Bay Roots and I love that I get to do that about once a month. I love that I am going to have to do a blue moon show in December, that's when I do a show early in the month and then have a second...


Today I Love Stormy Days And Sunshine

It's a stormy day outside of the Wednesday office

Today I love stormy days and sunshine mixed together. I love the rattling of the awnings on the street in the stiff cold breeze, the flapping of the drape ends and the street flags, the ghosts of snow that stand up and float determinedly down the street to drop and lie camouflaged on the sidewalk as if they were hiding from someone's...


Today I Love This Home

Rumble, rumble, rumblumblumble

Today I love this home that we've returned to after a wonderful weekend of work and play. I love that as soon as the work was over this past weekend we went on a spree of fun things and didn't let the cold stop us. I love that we are hardy and hale and some of us eat kale. I love auld Scottish words like hale which means whole,...


Today I Love You

I read this and thought, "Yeah."

Today I love you. I love that there is someone in my life that seems so quiet and yet often is the one to suggest that we do the wild things. I love that you come from a different place, a different culture and that we get to share our visions of this big old wonderful world together. I love that life is a...


Today I Love Going Against The Flow

Finding adventure is easy ...

Today I love going against the flow of life just enough to make sure life knows I'm here and I know I'm alive. I love finding the times and places and ways in which I might create small amounts of turbulence in order to entertain or amuse or make others think when there are options to discover new ways to enjoy life. I love people who stir...


Today I Love Niagara Falls

That's a lot of water going by ...

Today I love Niagara Falls and a whole weekend in the city of falling water just hanging out with optometric doctors, opticians, assistants and friends. I love opening the hotel room window and listening the the thunder of the falls just across the river. I love the fireworks we saw last night and I love that there will be more tonight and again tomorrow...


Today I Love Being Ready

Early morning snow

Today I love being ready for coming adventures. I love that I am usually not ready for most of them but that just makes it sweeter when I am. I love that being ready has more to do with dealing with the baggage in ones mind than it has to do with packing up the luggage for the road or whatever other physical thing needs to be done...


Today I Love Organization

Got snow to move!

Today I love organization, I love finding my way through a mess and being done with it. I love putting things to rights even though I don't always bother to do that because I also love living with the way things are in a calm and easy manner in order to discover the benefits of things being one certain way or another. I love change when that...