Today I Love The Wildness Of The Garden

Chivey walkway

Today I love the wildness of the garden. I love that even though our garden is set up with a plan, when things get out of hand we often just let them go if they aren't doing any harm. I love that we have chives growing and flowering between our pathway paving stones, love how they choke out so many other things and smell wonderful and are...


Today I Love The Swelling Flowers

Determined columbine

Today I love the swelling flowers that are outlining the yard and making the edges of the grassy areas sparkle like the rim of a jeweled crown. I love the one brave Columbine growing up in the crack of the sidewalk, standing tall despite the adversity it has suffered through the environment it has been forced to endure, unable to choose the structure...


Today I Love The Summer Rain

Rain? Or shine? I'm gonna need more coffee ... I love that.

Today I love the summer rain, like this one we have today here in my home town with the warm south wind pushing and splattering droplets around. I love how fresh and warm it feels and only wish I could sit out on my porch and write in it. I love that my plan is to take a wee...


Today I Love Finding My Way Through

Yes, that's me standing up in the back of the boat ... it's my job!

Today I love finding my way through life and feeling good about where I've been and what I've done. I love that we all have things in our past that we regret but in the same way that I have figured out how to find the things to love in the darkest of times, I've figured out...


Today I Love The Happy Noises Of My Neighborhood

... well, they were there a minute ago ...

Today I love the noises of my neighborhood. I love the sounds of hockey sticks in driveways where kids are waiting for their bus. I love the sound of skipping feet as a dad wearing a little pink backpack walks his daughter to school holding her hand as she concentrates on skipping perfectly all the way down the street. I love the absolute...


Today I Love Children At Play

Awakening to a dappled morning window.
Today I love children at play when their cares have been abandoned and all is sea shore and sunshine. I love how when they have troubles or get into trouble, their memories are such that they can often bounce from that right back into having fun. I love that there are times when I am still like that myself. I love that when I woke...


Today I Love Democracy

School brew

Today I love democracy and the fact that every person of voting age, whether they are a student or the head of an international corporation, a crossing guard or the mayor of a major metropolis, a musician or an entertainment industry mogul all have the same quiet yet powerful voice at the polls. I love that this coming provincial election here in Ontario will be my first one...


Today I Love Gardening

Listening to tomatoes growing ...

Today I love gardening even though I'm not keen on the actual work since much of it has to do with being bent over and my body doesn't do that as well as it used to, but the idea of planting plants and having them grow food that we then get to consume is an absolutely wondrous thing to get to do. I love working in...


Today I Love The Sounds Of Birds

The well-trimmed urban lawn

Today I love the sounds of birds everywhere and the way they start before dawn and don't quit until after sunset. I love all the different sounds they make, love the whistling and cooing and chirping, love how absolutely animated and energized and excited they all sound. Birds making bird sounds is music for one's soul. I love that even in the burbs here in the city with...


Today I Love This Ragged Lawn

The lawn says, "forget-me-not"

Today I love this ragged lawn of dandelions and clover and maple saplings and some grass. I love that it is bio-diverse enough that I feel good about it. I love that it is going to get mowed today, even though I truly believe that urban yards should be allowed to grow into meadows and left to mature. I love urban jungle lawns. I love...