Today I Love An Easier Day

Cool, white, great room light

Today I love an easier day to maybe take a bit of time to relax in. I love that I still have lots to do and that every time I try to go through the to do list in my mind I give up because there are so many little things that want doing, but I'm feeling no pressure and I know a lot of those things...


Today I Love Steady Progress

Leaves plotting plots

Today I love steady progress that moves me forward in life, though to be honest I'm not seeking life's destination, just enjoying the journey and progress is most assuredly a positive part of that. I love the wild wind that has swept across the bay and brought with it an end to the heat and humidity that hampered my breathing for the last couple of days....


Today I Love Signs Of Caring

Wednesday office coffee art

Today I love signs of caring, like when messengers goes wonky and doesn't show the incoming half of a conversation but I can clearly see that the other person is typing so I start to worry and send messages saying as much and the other person then starts worrying about me and whether I'm alright. I love fixing words so much that when the Facebook shows...


Today I love this second shot Of Summer

Morning clouds on the move ...

Today I love this second shot of Summer that we'll be enjoying for the next couple of days. I love the huge clouds that are traveling north west in determined measure.  I love the peacefulness of this morning, the way things seem to be falling into place even though it is back to work as usual. I love that the laundry is on and the...


Today I Love The Sound Of Water

Dammit all to kale!

Today I love the sound of water rushing down the storm drain on the street out in front of the Tuesday office where I'm sitting right now even though it is Monday. I love that when things rearrange our schedule we just roll with it. I love that it is Canadian Thanksgiving Monday here and all the stores are closed. I love that the children are all off...


Today I Love White Caps On Water

My crazy dock!

Today I love white caps on water and knowing the dock is out. I love that I figured out how to get the dock out even though some buffoon left the post jack at home and I love that as soon as said buffoon gets back here with the jack on Tuesday he will take the posts out. I love that the buffoon is...


Today I Love Apple Pie Plans

Apples for pies

Today I love apple pie plans and gathering all the required elements in one place to make that happen. I love things that work well, especially things I can cook. I love being hungry when I go shopping because often that means that I end up with new things to try and new food adventures to pursue. I love making food that reminds me of my childhood, recipes handed...


Today I Love Friday Skies

curdled cotton candy

Today I love Friday skies that look like curdled cotton candy, lumpy with bumps of cloud dots lit from the not quite risen sun. I love that "Friday  skies" sounds enough like "fried egg skies" that it made me laugh. I love the light shining into the space we jokingly call the great room, so bright and fresh. I love that, with the exception of Sunday, the...


Today I Love Clearing Skies

Blue sky day coming ...

Today I love clearing skies and cooling air. I love that this afternoon will be a lovely, crisp, cool autumn day. I love that the leaves have started skittering around, quietly making plans with one and other to gather together for their going away parties. I love that they will whirl and dance to music they can hear but we can only dream about. I love the...


Today I Love Folks Laughing For Fun

Welcome to Autumn in Town

Today I love folks laughing for fun, people talking cheerfully to each other, strangers saying hi on the street, people smiling quietly when they don't know the person they are smiling at. I love that there is a municipal works truck outside the window of my Wednesday office, and it's full of corn stocks with town workers going around the main street decorating the place by...