Today I love August 19th, 2015

Today I love that I started this venture over two years ago and it has brought me nothing but positive returns. I love that people have gone out of their way to tell me that they enjoy reading "Today I love ..." and that it has helped them find the good in their worlds as well. And I love that it has now found a home here on Psych Central.

Today I love that the weather here right now in my town reminds me of long hot summer days spent idly in my childhood. Even if I can only


Welcome to Today I Love…

Every day, Kelly Babcock, our very own Man of DistrAction takes the time to focus, in a positive way, on what each day means to him by finding examples of things he loves. His life, his activities and his surroundings all bring him the opportunity to locate the good and the positive.

Kelly writes these thoughts in such a way as to hopefully give you and others a chance to share in the joy he...