Every day, Kelly Babcock, our very own Man of DistrAction takes the time to focus in a positive way on what each day means to him by finding examples of things he loves. His life, his activities and his surroundings all bring him the opportunity to locate the good and the positive.

Kelly writes these thoughts in such a way as to hopefully give you and others a chance to share in the joy he discovers in each day and perhaps find the same joy reflected in your own life and world, or at least he hopes you might find a place to start looking.

Kelly started doing this on social media as a way to remind himself of the good in his life at a time when there was more than enough negative experiences there. He then discovered that it quickly became a habit.

The positive response he received there made him realize the impact reached beyond himself and affected more than just his own well being.

Kelly acknowledges CC Carpenter’s contribution to the concept of this blog. Without her inspiration this journey would never have begun.

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