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Today I Love Spontaneous Online Gatherings

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I have to speak to my milliner

Today I love spontaneous online gatherings like the one that happened last night when the open mic we were going to was cancelled with no notice and no announcement and no fun, so we started our own with another couple and entertained ourselves. I love keeping my life moving, I don’t know what would happen if I didn’t, but something in my nature tells me I don’t want to find out. I love that I got the laundry out on the line today before breakfast, love that I’m fairly confident it will be dry before any rain starts, and love that we are planning a weekend that will be a bit different from what we’ve had recently. I love that we are contemplating a return to the farmers’ market tomorrow and that should be a bright spot for us, though only one of us can go in and since I’m the chatty one I think it should be my partner who is all efficiency and effectiveness. I love that even though it is supposed to rain off and on all weekend we are planning to make it to the cottage for much of the weekend and I personally am planning to end up in the bay at least once in this heat. I love that even with the meds that make me feel the cold so easily I have gotten to the point where I can throw myself into the water again without hesitation and that makes me happy.

Today I love that my radio show has been sent off to the powers that be and will likely be on the air tonight at 11PM on and again on that same channel at 7PM on Tuesday and also on CFOS on Sunday at 4PM. I love that Lyle Lovett fans all seem to acknowledge the fact when his name is mentioned but don’t talk about it otherwise, that’s some deep rooted love of good music there, to be certain enough of the value of something that you feel you don’t need to talk about it.

Today I love that though there seem to be some strange beliefs and enough strange people to spread them around, they seem like they are more prevalent than I suspect they are because of the overwhelming presentation of their dramatic actions, whew. I love that I cringe every time I think of the label, “nut jobs” because I try not to be too judgemental, but wow, there are some nut jobs out there. I love that I now must offer my apologies to all of those nut jobs, I don’t mean to be so abusive, but you really do take me by surprise some times.

Today I love drinking coffee while I write and plan my approach to the weekend, and make calculations to ensure that I have enough tinfoil for hats for everyone.

Today I Love Spontaneous Online Gatherings

Kelly Babcock

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