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Today I Love Saffron And All Its Richness

a lot of saffron in a small glass bottle
I’m just mad about saffron …

Today I love saffron and all its richness; its nearly, but not quite, salty aroma; its subtle, almost sweet flavor; its richly earthy hues, from the deep reds of its self to the beautiful golds it imparts to the food it honors by its touch. I love that I bought saffron in Spain and in the land where it comes from it was quite reasonable to purchase. I love that I lamented not getting more as soon as I got home with my treasure, but have since decided I’d gotten just the right amount and that I will simply have to return to the markets of Grenada or some vendors stall in Malaga and buy some more when this runs out, I think I can tolerate that well enough; and if I can contrive to run out somewhere within the the months of March, April, or May I will be quite happy with the inconvenience of it all. I love that I’m fairly certain that it will take me two weeks to track down saffron once I have managed to return to Spain but, that is also an inconvenience I’m certain I can endure. I love that whenever I use saffron in my cooking I hear Donovan’s Mellow Yellow playing in my head, particularly the line, “I’m just mad about Saffron, Saffron’s mad about me,” and as ear worms go, it’s a pretty good tune to have playing in your head in the kitchen.

Today I love that I am at home, and will be here for the next three or so days. I love that I was barely home for two hours when I started cooking and made a casserole that fed us and will last us three more meals. I love that I am almost ready to make another paella and that could just happen in the next 24 hours or it might happen next week, depending on what all else is going on. I love that I seem to flip back and forth between writing, doing housework, and redecoration here at the Blue Castle and I enjoy all three of those things immensely when I have the energy for them all. I love that when I’m exhausted at the cottage I have found an easy fix in throwing myself into the bay, how that works I am unsure, but that it works I am positive.

Today I love that there will be more porridge made today and I’m contemplating fresh peaches in it. I love that I can order food online and go pick it up, or order it and have it delivered, and although I sometimes get things that won’t last as long as I need them to, for the most part I do okay with this new world order. I love that I don’t dare order saffron online from a grocery store, to buy as much as I brought home would probably cost as much as a plane ticket.

Today I love drinking coffee and dreaming saffron dreams of our adventures in Spain.

Today I Love Saffron And All Its Richness

Kelly Babcock

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