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Today I Love Those Wondrous Sunsets

last night's sunset
Promises, promises

Today I love those wondrous sunsets that often cap off the days of contentment and cottage peacefulness. I love that we get to see more than our share of them and I love sharing them with my friends and acquaintances on social media. I love how slow and thundering the sight is, like it should rumble for days and shake the ground with its determined beauty. I love that even when the sun is gone its mark on the sky lingers to remind us of its passing and to ease us gently away from its warmth and beauty and into the gloaming and subsequent night. I love the smell of a good springtime sunset, sweet and still earthy. I love that soon we will have summer sunsets and they have a completely different smell to them, warm and comforting and often accompanied by the smell of campfires and the sight of fireworks here along the shoreline. I love sunsets in the autumn that whisper of coming times of restful seclusion indoors with family and books and quiet laughter over stories and songs. I love the winter sunsets that promise each day that the cold won’t last and the night won’t last and the winter won’t last and every time they make that promise it turns out they are telling the truth. I love how truthful sunsets are.

Today I love fried potatoes with breakfast, wow that hits the spot. I love that I was grumbling about my slow responding electric stove here at the cottage until I remembered that I was at the cottage and supposed to be roughing it and then I laughed at myself and reminded myself that it could have been worse and I might have had to get up and light the fire in the stove to cook breakfast. I love that it just occurred to me how much I love food and particularly breakfast food so I have to say it, I love breakfast … like, a lot.

Today I love grilled strawberries with lemon juice, butter, honey and olive oil brushed over them. I love most any fruit grilled. I love that we have hummingbirds swarming our cottage and a few more at the house as well. I love that Lucy’s two crows, Nip and Tuck, are still hanging around the cottage and they seem to be such a disorganized pair of friends, never seem to have much of a purpose in their wanderings, but they are clearly having a good time of it. I love that there are so many birds around here, terns and loons and all manner of ducks and geese and swans and gulls and then all the field birds as well.

Today I love drinking coffee in my recliner and thinking about last night’s sunset and dreaming about tonight’s.

Today I Love Those Wondrous Sunsets

Kelly Babcock

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