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Today I love Being Home And Comfortable

lilac and coffee
Lilac in the kitchen

Today I love being home and comfortable especially while I await results of my COVID-19 test. I love that I am feeling like I’m likely just suffering a summer cold. I love that we are smart enough to make sure and have gone for testing. I love that we are among the lucky people who have the resources to isolate in quarantine style while we wait for our test results. I love that although they stuck what looked like a long handled toothbrush for a mouse into my nose and scraped a sample off of what seemed like the inside back of my skull, it neither hurt as badly, nor caused me to gag as badly as I thought it would. I love that, though I’m not saying it was at all comfortable, it is comforting to know that services are in place and procedures are laid out and things worked out really well at the hospital. I love that we were dealt with as a family and got to go through the process together and that was also very comforting. I love how easy health care is in my country, go, get help, go home and be well. I love that I am at home feeling like I’m being looked after while I await my results. I love that I am hungry, I hate being so sick that I have no appetite, ’cause like I said before, I love food.

Today I love that though there is still much work to do on our home we are considering working on our convalescence instead today and that means cooking and relaxing and maybe watching a good movie while we perform this day’s recuperation. I love that our plans follow the laws of adventuring and those laws clearly state that what ever comes up should be considered sights and opportunities and never obstacles or roadblocks. I love that I have gotten so into the habit of looking for the things that I love and not wasting time worrying about things that may never happen that even though I am in the high risk group for being negatively affected by this virus and even though I am now being tested for it, I have no time to waste worrying about it, I’m too busy enjoying what I can in my world.

Today I love that I was able to score some lilac blossoms and am considering expending what energy I have in making a cake and flavoring it with said blossoms and decorating it with them as well. I love that I am adventurous enough to just modify a recipe on the fly to incorporate these flowers into it if I can’t find a lilac cake recipe that I like anywhere else. I love that this might be the adventure of the week, lilac cake, go me!

Today I love drinking coffee in my recliner while I recover from whatever this is and look for lilac cake and icing recipes.

Today I love Being Home And Comfortable

Kelly Babcock

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