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Today I Love This Sudden Shift In Activity

drywall on walls
Waiting for tape and mud

Today I love this sudden shift in activity here at the job site in which we currently live. I love that things are getting completed and other things are being scheduled for completion. I love that all the drywall holes in the main part of the renovation are patched and awaiting tape and mud. I love that there are only a couple of holes so far in the rest of the downstairs, though there are still a couple more to be made. I love that everything seems to be coming together now. I love that there will be a few parts of this project still to be done when this main push is over, but those will be things that still need some style and color decisions made. I love that this whole thing seems to have spread out so much that it has now affected our perception of the back yard and the way we use it and interact with it. I love how jobs like this can take on a life of their own and if you’re okay with just letting them happen they can be wondrous things to watch and learn from. I love that I am okay with this, that I am looking forward to having the entirety of our kitchen available to us, and I love that the investment in this is going to be a debt of ambition I will pay off by using the kitchen with intention and courage. I love that the new living space is looking more and more potentially attractive, that the floor is going to be much nicer looking eventually and be much warmer underfoot in winter. I love that we will be up off the concrete slab more than just the thickness of a layer of vinyl. I love this whole adventure so much.

Today I love that things are changing in my world as far as isolation and health risks are concerned. I love that some of our world is getting back to work. I love that I never really stopped working at the things I do for my living, so I’m not making too many changes. I do not love that I am missing my isolation partner now but I do love how aware of the time we got to spend together this missing her is making me. I love that the time we got to spend together did not push us further apart. I love that we have watched a lot of shows, spent a lot of time together reading, cooked, and talked, laughed and talked, played music and talked a lot, and though I talked more than half of the talking time those who know us would have expected that I’m sure.

Today I love blueberry oatmeal for breakfast. I love that there is still some of yesterday’s salad for lunch. I love that it has been weeks since the last time I didn’t get enough steps to keep my smart watch from be all judgey about my lifestyle. I love that I am slowly getting used to my body bruising when I even so much as look strongly at some part of it, darned blood thinning drugs. I love that I am looking forward to spending some serious time at the cottage … just kidding, there will be very little seriousness when I’m there, mostly happiness and contentment.

Today I love sipping coffee and hearing little bits of good news about my cousin Michael and his recovery.

Today I Love This Sudden Shift In Activity

Kelly Babcock

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