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Today I Love Easing Into Thursday

last pound of coffee
Yikes, down to one pound of beans!!!

Today I love easing into Thursday by lying in bed ’til later than usual, eating breakfast at a relaxed pace and casually and slowly enjoying the beauty of this sunny, brisk morning. I love that I did what I said I would do yesterday and got the subfloor down in the stairway closet. I love that I finally looked up “subfloor” and found it to be one word and so I’ve added that to my client side dictionary and can now stop[ typing “sub floor” and thinking it looks wrong and that I should look that up … some day. I love that the subfloor fits perfectly into the closet space and makes everywhere that I put it down feel a hundred percent warmer underfoot. I love that today’s big task is to resize the closet door so it will fit over the subfloor and the new flooring we are planning to get eventually. I love that today’s smaller job is to continue the subfloor out into the hallway that leads to the laundry. I love that that might well mean that half the downstairs is done when that is completed. I love that things are coming along even if they are going slowly for now. I love that we are working without our contractor because we all had a meeting and decided this was safer and then construction that wasn’t necessary was deemed non-essential so we were ahead of the authorities on that one.

Today I love that, although I’m not supposed to be on my arthritis meds, I will take one every four or five days and it is amazing how much better it makes me feel for a day and longer. I love that yesterday afternoon I gave in and took one and I was still ready to do more work last night and debated continuing on with things when I should have been getting ready for bed. I love that I went to bed and fell asleep with only a bit of pain to slow me down in my dreams.

Today I love that I’m going to stop the bathroom door from squeaking by pulling the hinge pins and oiling them, this is going to be great, that damned squeaky door’s squeaking days are numbered and the number is none! I love that that last statement made me laugh more than it likely should have. I love that we are getting our grocery order ready and I think this might be a new thing for us that could maybe stick. I love shopping, but online and in person both appeal to me for differing reasons and right now in person shopping is scarier than it is fun so I also feel lucky to have these alternatives.

Today I love drinking coffee while I patiently await my coffee bean delivery.

Today I Love Easing Into Thursday

Kelly Babcock

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