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Today I Love Saturday Breakfast At Home

back yard veggie plots
The garden waits

Today I love Saturday breakfast at home when everything is tumbled together from random sources. I love farm fresh eggs fried on the side burner of the barbecue while oatmeal is heated up in the microwave and toast is made in the toaster oven on the makeshift counter in the new and still growing kitchen. I love when we put our heads together and make things work. I love when someone who I would share anything with shares their toast with me after mine is all gone. I love that frying things on the side burner of the barbecue reminds me that when my cook top is installed it too will be gas. I love that the day may be cool, but I was still able to stand out there and cook in my pajamas and that’s a win. I love that we will be escaping to the cottage today, love that our cottage is in our home area so that we are neither adding to the medical burden nor the material acquisition burden of any one area. I love that we are looking forward to a weekend of relaxation and quiet. I love that this seems unlikely because I am part of the weekend and I am not really thought of as a quiet sort. I love that I have some quiet in me, I’m just hoarding it up for a special occasion.

Today I love this grey day that is asking little of me but some labor and is offering so much in the way of accomplishments. I love that the things I might do far exceed the things I could accomplish in just these few hours. I love that that means I will not be wanting for things to do. I love that there is stuff to be moved from here to there and things to find new places for in the new spaces in my home. I love that there are plans that are still being made for tackling the rest of the changes here in the blue castle and those plan changes will likely keep coming until all the house changes have been made. I love how things are coming along.

Today I love fresh peaches and though I cannot get any locally grown peaches at this time of year here in Canada I am looking forward to eating fresh, local peaches in the new reality of the coming summer season. I love that we always grow food in our back yard and I love looking out over the yard on this grey day and imagining what it will look like in a couple of months. I love how great fresh food tastes and therefore I love spring and summer. I love parsnips because we always left them in the garden over winter and they would be the first fresh veggies we ate every year. I love food, which is a handy thing since it is a requirement of life.

Today I love drinking my coffee here on Kelly’s island in the middle of the new kitchen while I write my day’s offering to the world.

Today I Love Saturday Breakfast At Home

Kelly Babcock

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