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Today I Love Making Ringtones

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Making ringtones

Today I love making ringtones for my phone though truth be told they never sound as cool as I think they are going to sound. I love taking a day off from the rigors of home renovation though I know I’ll likely not last the day and will start doing things and working on stuff. I love how netflix seems to call me from the turned off TV like it has some telepathic communications ability, which makes sense when you think about it, television, telepath, tell you what, maybe I’ll just watch a bit of that later today, ‘kay? I love planning on relaxing when I’m feeling particularly battered from the arthritis and I am feeling particularly battered today. I love that even though that is the case and even though I have some writing to do today I am still thinking I could make some advancement on the sub floor of this home reno show we have going on here in the casa azul. I love knowing that the bulk of this renovation will be over soon, that some of it will never be over because we will hesitate at the last minute to implement parts of the plan and some of it will change to other things that we decide we’d prefer, and all of that is just fine by me. I love that though some of the parts that need to come together here are on hold, we have made our kitchen functional and we will live with it the way it is until those unavailable aspects become available and we are still happy about the changes that we have made.

Today I love that I have at least three books on the go and now that I think about it that is likely four books and I’m okay with that too. I love that I’m as comfortable reading Austen as I am reading Asimov or Montgomery or Trevanian or Seuss or Burroughs or Shakespeare. I love words and I especially love well crafted ones. I also love playing with words and crafting them into my own collections, whether they are well crafted or not. I love that I get to write, it is a dream come true and I’m pretty thrilled with that. I love that there have been times in my life when I have been able to give myself permission to abandon all else and do nothing more than write for days and weeks and even months on end. I love that I hope that mind set returns and that I may once again give myself guiltless permission to sit in the apparent idleness of writing.

Today I love feeling good about progress and excited about potential. I love that the weather is steadily growing warmer and I’m pretty happy with that. I love that warmer feels nicer to me these day with my blood having been thinned down to the consistency of water so that it is easier for my heart to move.

Today I love sipping my coffee while I steal noises from the world and make copies of them for my phone to play in annoying moments.

Today I Love Making Ringtones

Kelly Babcock

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