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Today I Love Wallops Of Snow

snow falling
A couple of wallops …

Today I love wallops of snow like this light wallop we just received over night. I love that it was one of those moderately deep yet surprisingly fluffy things that you could almost, but not quite, move by fanning it with your shovel. I love that I was able to clear the driveway in under ten minutes with the blower on high speed and just firing the stuff up into the air with only a moderate amount of it blowing back on me. I love that this old world is exactly the way it should be on most days, given the trouble we put it to. I love it’s determined ways and it’s steady and dry sense of humor. I love that it is snowing again and thus it looks like another light wallop of snow is on its way. I love that it makes me laugh when my funky brain starts trying to decide if two light wallops equals a full wallop, or if a wallop is followed by just a little more snow is that just a dollop. I love that there are so many words for snow and even more words for snow fall. I love that I enjoy snow, though I confess to a dislike for the stuff when I was younger and had to move it around a lot by hand. I love that snow means winter to me and winter means rest from the labors of summer and even though I do not participate in such things as farming any more, the winter still feels like a break for me.

Today I love that tonight we curl. I love that game and I even love watching others play it. I love wandering down to the club on a Friday afternoon when the folks from my childhood village come to town to curl. I love that they still call their league the Kemble League even though they don’t have an ice surface in Kemble anymore. I love that when I get the all clear from the medical pros I think I’m going to go sign on as a spare for that league.

Today I love that I cut holes in a wall yesterday to determine if it could be taken out and now I think we may be ready to do that when we get rolling on this renovation. I love that the plans we’ve made for our home are still somewhat fluid but are definitely coming together. I love that we’re both excited and anxious, but once it starts rolling down the hill, a rock can’t be stopped easily, you can either get out of the way, or grab hold and ride it and hope it doesn’t land on top of you. I love that that is the stupidest metaphor I’ve ever come up with and I can’t be bothered to edit it out because it makes me laugh.

Today I love drinking coffee and thinking about trying not to spill it when I’m riding a rolling rock down a hill of renovations, while I watch another wallop of snow falling.

Today I Love Wallops Of Snow

Kelly Babcock

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