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Today I Love March Weather

cook top and wall oven
Worth the occasional visit I think …

Today I love March weather and the inordinate amount of it that we are having here in early February. I love that this has been a very soft winter so far, love that I’m still wearing my short autumn boots most days even when I go out walking. I love that there’s enough winter in our weather that we aren’t missing out on anything, but wow what a nice winter it’s been. I love walking through cold crackling evenings when the moon is sailing on the sea of stars and the wisps of cloud can be seen in silhouette against their curtain of dots, like a negative space in a pointillist picture. I love how wonderful the night smells in winter, love how I can smell the cold and it reminds me of walking home from the arena after skating when my legs would ache sweetly from having skated for five or more hours through the day and still be going strong carrying me home down the road and feeling so free from being out of my tightly laced skates and into my felt pack boots. I love that walking home from the curling rink is almost exactly the same, enough to remind me of how good that used to feel. I love that I watched my partner skip a few ends last night at the club and she didn’t call the shots I would have called, but then again, she’s beaten me before so I’m not ever going to question her calls. I love that I can see how two people can see two different things in the same situation and I love even more when they can see the other person’s point of view too, or at least accept that they have one and it is valid.

Today I love that the laundry is on and the kitchen is half way clean and the dishwasher is rumbling away and there are things that need cooking and errands that need running and furniture that needs to be moved and I am the boy for the job in just about every situation. I love that I am the Swiss army knife variety of house spouse, that I come with my own pots and my own tools and my own knives and my own truck and a very varied set of skills.

Today I love that I’m having trouble remembering whose idea each little thing in the kitchen plan was whose, and I think that’s great, because it means that it is our kitchen and that was what it was supposed to be. I love that I can’t wait to see it for real. I love that my partner gets a big kick out of the fact that I need to go out into the garage every now and then and look at the oven and cook top, and I’m more than okay with her enjoying that.

Today I love drinking coffee and going over all the things I’ve got to do and all the things I’ve done.

Today I Love March Weather

Kelly Babcock

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