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Today I Love The Random Dancing Snowflakes

back yard with snow trim
It snowed, it snowed …

Today I love the random dancing snowflakes as they wander here and there, left and right, back and forth and North and South, East and West, and always down, slowly down to settle until they stick or melt or get caught up in a breeze or wind and start the dance all over again. I love them even though a goodly bunch of them have gathered in my driveway and on my front walk and will have to be moved before this day is over. I love these ones in particular because they are light and will move easily. I love that it is going to get quite mild again and that’s a good thing because I wasn’t feeling great the last couple of days and the walk and drive has a base layer of ice that will need to be scraped off and I’m hoping that the thaw will help me get that done. I love that every time I glance out the window I hear the O’Pears singing, “It snowed, it snowed, the whole world over” and I have to go turn on “A Candle Burned” and then I have to listen to Rose Vaughn and her trio perform Home Is Where The Heart Is and pretty soon I’m down the rabbit hole of music and my day has become joyous.

Today I love that it is Friday and although I am going to miss curling today because we have a social thing that we’ll be going to, it still feels like a lovely December Friday and I will take all of those that I can get, and I’ll even stockpile them by the dozens if you have any to spare. I love that I got to hang out at the club on Monday night and I love that I’m still thrilled about dropping those two last stones on the button last Friday. I will be dining out on those shots for weeks unless I pull off something more spectacular in the next little while and frankly that is highly unlikely, those two stones were such a fluke.

Today I love that I have been cooking some pretty good meals the last couple of  days and that makes me feel happy and accomplished. I love that I’m leaning toward the new kitchen idea pretty hard and it is actually stimulating my desire to spend more time in our kitchen now, call it practice. I love there are some serious questions still to be answered, like how we are going to heat this new kitchen space when the existing room heating has been removed, but we’ll figure it out. I love dreaming about the possibilities that we get to explore while planning this new adventure, even if we don’t bother doing it.

Today I love drinking coffee in the dull silver light of a cool grey, snowy day of light and dancing flakes and … oh, it stopped snowing, and my coffee cup is empty. Hmmm, time to get up and have some fun.

Today I Love The Random Dancing Snowflakes

Kelly Babcock

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