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Today I Love Banana Bread Baking

Getting ready to make banana bread
Where’s the bananas?

Today I love banana bread baking and that is so on this morning. I love that I can make that recipe out of my head most days. I love that if I have any doubts it is always about whether it is the soda or the powder that is two teaspoons, makes me laugh every time. I love that I have used this recipe for years and years and that it is so simple and yet, everyone raves about the results and I enjoy it when people are pleased. I love that this is the run up to baking season and this should knock the dust and the rust off of my baking skills. I love that I am hoping to make date squares and butter-tart bars and poppy seed loaf and all the cookies this year. I love that I have so many plans and that I have gone through a perspective shift that allows me to savor the anticipation and enjoy what I accomplish without beating myself up over what I had to abandon along the way. I love that I’ve done so many things so many times that some of the good ones can be appreciated from memory so I don’t always have to make every great treat I’ve ever made. I love that I continue to search for that elusive walnut loaf recipe that I loved as a child but cannot find anywhere and I love that most of the recipes I find for walnut loaf I am able to dismiss without trying them because the ingredients are all wrong for the loaf I remember.

Today I love that Wednesday was indeed full of Wednesdayness and filled its 24 hours perfectly and relinquished its command of time to Thursday just as it was supposed to do. I love that Thursday has taken over and is now being exactly what it is supposed to be, a day of Thursday like wonder in which only Thursday things can happen. I love Thursdays and their pre-Friday feel. I love how they shoulder the responsibility of being the last full on working day, knowing as we all do that Friday is really only a day of weekend anticipation where some work gets done but the real work is looking forward to the future.

Today I love mixed fruit  in the porridge. I love that we have been so busy this week. I love that I am still doing things that are hobby like in nature. I love that I finished watching The Umbrella Academy because it was one of those annoying shows I couldn’t stop watching but it wasn’t one I was enjoying overly much and now that it is over I can walk away.

Today I love drinking coffee while the butter softens up and gets itself ready to be incorporated into the best banana bread ever.

Today I Love Banana Bread Baking

Kelly Babcock

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