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Today I Love The Quietly Flickering Fireplace

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Coffee break!

Today I love the quietly flickering fireplace taking the chill out of the room as I write and work this morning. I love the dancing flames, I’m entranced by their jagged orange tongues reaching upward and then flicking sideways, dropping out of sight and then springing up again. I love the feel of the heat radiating from the front of the fireplace, and the soft warm breeze coming from the heated blower that pushes warmth out into the room. I love that we have a ceiling fan that shoves the warmth back down when it rises up to the ceiling where we can’t benefit from it. I love the comfort of this room and would be quite happy to just stay here all day in my recliner, but there is laundry and other things that need doing so I’ll settle cheerfully for returning to my seat to pick up where I left off after each house chore is caught up. I love the smell of laundry fresh off the line and it looks like I might be able to get that into my day because the sun is brilliant and the sky is reasonably clear and the weather forecast says I have a window of opportunity that suggests no rain until this evening, this could work.

Today I love bread and coffee cake and the great thing about that is that we made both those things yesterday and they both turned out great. I love that the coffee cake used up the sour cream that was in the fridge threatening to go past its shelf life limit and that’s a good thing. I love that I also used up some pecans that needed to be used soon and they were perfect for this recipe. I love that the bread that I meticulously cut in half perfectly still ended up being one huge loaf and one not huge loaf, they’re messing with me, all the loaves are messing with me and I am enjoying hearing their imaginary laughter and giggling every time I catch a glimpse of them on the counter.

Today I love egg salad sandwiches for lunch with homemade bread and freshly made egg salad. I love that I wore my late father’s pocket watch for thanksgiving weekend and that was comforting. I love that I voted yesterday, it’s the right thing to do. I love that the divisive person who was holding the local office is not running this year and that is a win in itself for my area. I love that I’m almost ready for my morning snack and that coffee cake is calling to me and telling me not to listen to the bread laughing about its tricks.

Today I love drinking coffee by the fireplace with a friendly piece of coffee cake.

Today I Love The Quietly Flickering Fireplace

Kelly Babcock

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